2011 Qatar Peace And Sport Cup All Set

2011 Qatar Peace and Sport Cup all set
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The new version of the Ping Pong diplomacy also known as the 2011 Qatar Peace and Sport Cup is scheduled to start today in the progressive city of Doha. This competition will be held for two days and will only have a doubles format. The main purpose of the competition is to spread world peace and to promote friendship between countries. In line with this, an official welcome dinner is being set tonight for all the delegates.

In the spirit of world peace and friendship, ITTF spearheaded the 2011 Qatar Peace and Sport Cup to be held in Doha, Qatar. The competition has gathered delegates from ten National Associations like China, France, Japan, India, USA, Russia, Pakistan, Qatar, DPR Korea, and South Korea. They are eventually paired to play the Men's and Women's Doubles respectively.

Indeed, ITTF President Adham Sharara has done a great job in gathering these National Associations especially the Koreans. We all know that there has been a solid division between the North and South Korea. But in the competition, these two warring countries will pair up for one common goal -promotion of peace through table tennis.

The South Koreans Ryu Seung Min and Kim Kyung Ah will play with Kim Hyok Bong and Kim Hye Song of the Democratic people's Republic of Korea.

However, the exciting matches is yet to be witnessed tomorrow, November 22, 2011. It will be ushered by the Opening of the Session by 17:00, immediately followed by the Men's and Women's Doubles Round 1 by 17:15.

The semifinal round of the Women's Doubles will take place by 18:00 then followed by the Men's Doubles after thirty minutes. The finals of the Women's and Men's Doubles will be on 19:00 and 19:30 respectively.        

For the mean time, lets just hope that the welcome dinner will develop friendships between delegates while the whole tournament will indeed serve the right purpose and will successfully repeat the magic of the Sino American Ping Pong Diplomacy that took place forty years ago.

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