Koki Niwa And Chen Meng Are The New World Junior Champions (Videos)

Koki Niwa and Chen Meng are the New World Junior Champions (VIDEOS)
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Raising star Koki Niwa spoiled Chinese celebrations after stealing boys' singles gold medal. Koki Niwa became the second Japanese player, who has won this event after Kenta Matsudaira did it in Cairo 2006. On the other hand, Zhu Yuling failed to defend the singles title by losing against her team mate Chen Meng, who entered the competition without ranking and won also the mixed and girls' doubles, and team events. In boys'doubles, Quentin Robinot and Simon Gauzy failed to win the title for second time.

Mixed doubles

Song Hongyuan and Chen Meng are the new world junior champions after defeating their team mates Zheng Peifeng and Gu Yuting. This is the first time that Gu Yuting failed to win the gold medal in this event after Cartagena de Indias 2009 and Batrislava 2010.

Girls' doubles

After a hard battle, Chen Meng and Gu Yuting defeated their team mates Gu Ruochen and Zhu Yuling and crowned world champions. Chen and Gu didn't have an easy task because they struggled to stand victorious in seven straight games.

Boys' doubles

Song Hongyuan and Zheng Peifeng clinched gold medal for first time in this event. The Chinese pairing won the first set by 11:9. The second game was also close but Simon Gauzy and Quentin Robinot managed to win by the same score. Then, French took the lead and were 10:8 up but the Chinese pairing fought back and saved the game points. Song and Zheng took the chance and won by 12:10. In the fourth game, French pairing made some unforced errors, what helped Chinese pairing to win by 11:5. In the fifth game, Song and Zheng controled the match but Robinot and Gauzy didn't give up and leveled the score at 10:10. Chinese player didn't feel pressure and sealed their victory by 12:10. This is the second time that the French paring reached the final and failed to get the gold. Last year they fell against Koki Niwa and Asuka Machi by the same score.

Girls' singles

Chinese Chen Meng is the new world junior champion after beating defending champion Zhu Yuling by 4:2 and her team mate Gu Yuting by 4: in semifinals. Chen Meng won the first game by 11:6. Then, Zhu Yuling had no chance to react and Chen took the second game by 11:3. In the third game, Chen continued displaying her agressive game and won by 11:7. Despite the score, the defending champion didn't give up and took the game by 11:4. In the fifth game, Yuling didn't stop and won by 11:5. However, Chen came back at the righ time and secured the gold medal by 11:4.

Boys's singles

Koki Niwa crowned world junior champion after defeating Lin Gaoyuan in the final and Quentin Robinot in a thrilling semifinal match. In the first game, Lin gave no chance to Niwa and won by 11:3. Then, Niwa improved his game and won by 11:6. The third game was close but Lin's attacks were stronger and took the game by 11:7. Then, the Japanese star fought back and leveled the score by 11:8. In the fifth game, Niwa managed to be 10:8 up but Lin saved the game points but Niwa closed the game by 13:11. The sixth game was close but Koki Niwa showed impressive shots and secured the gold medal.

Koki Niwa v/s Quentin Robinot
Video kindly shared by GecaPhoenix

Koki Niwa v/s Lin Gaoyuan
video kindly shared by janus770

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