Ai Fukuhara's Very Sad After Japan's Disaster

Ai Fukuhara's very sad after Japan's disaster
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After the strong earthquake in Japan, the porcelain doll of the Japanese Team, Ai Fukuhara has been overly concerned with the disaster. She often finds herself in tears while watching the news with what has happened to her birthplace, Sendai.

Fukuhara said today, at the start of the Polish Open, that she will be wearing a black armband to express her sympathy and grief to the victims of the earthquake and the tsunami.


When the earthquake was hitting the northeastern part of Honshu Island, Japan, Ai was training in Guangzhou. She first reported her safety in her post in “weibo.”


Fukuhara was born in Sendai and lived there until her fourth grade. Her family then moved to Tokyo after that with the intention of having a better life. Fukuhara’s personal trainer, Tang Yuanyuan said that Ai cried several times while watching the devastating scenes in Sendai on the television. She tried to contact her friends in Sendai but their connections are often interrupted. She has been consciously eliminating her entertainment to offer her prayers for her fellow Japanese people.


Fukuhara has suggested to her family to come to China but her family doesn’t want to distract their “little love.” Her family, eventually decided to stay in Japan, together with other Japanese, to give what they can to help their nation cope with the calamities. Ai, on the other hand, has been coordinating also with his brother in planning what she can do to offer assistance.


“Since the earthquake happened while I was in Guangzhou, I was super shocked. I felt a very strong sense of powerlessness where I don’t have much to offer as assistance.” Fukuhara said. However, Ai, has been secretly donating money to the victims.


The TT Asian Cup was originally scheduled on the 26th of March in Yokohama, Japan, however, due to recent unfortunate events that happened in Japan, such event will be decided whether to be postponed or not.


“It’s okay for me if they would hold the competition on its original date. But during that time, I would really like to hold a fundraising event to give support to the victims. With the sense of great powerlessness, this is something that we can do to somehow appease the grief the victims are experiencing.” Ai Fukuhara concluded.

Photo credit: Xinhua/Xu Jiajun

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