Boll Admits Difficulty In Facing The Chinese Team

Boll admits difficulty in facing the Chinese Team
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The recent trend in the world of table tennis shows the power and dominance of China. Every player who participates, including Timo Boll and Feng Tianwei, always consider China to be the team to watch out for. They always try to break the team’s confidence at the start but the ending has been the same in the recent matches – fail.

The Chinese delegates bagged the championships in the recently concluded 2011 Volkswagen Cup in Guangzhou, and this has been a trend in the table tennis arena.

The Championship matches were like “China versus Europe (Germany)” in both men’s and women’s division. Surely, the Europeans were good fighters and showed impressive moves, but those weren’t enough to counter China.

In the 2011 Volkswagen Cup, which is the last International Tournament before the much awaited World Table Tennis Championships in Rotterdam on May 2011, Wang Hao has fought and succeeded over three Europeans thus eventually, got closer to the current world’s number one and is expected to replace Timo Boll.

Same result with the men’s championships, Li Xiaoxia of China also defeated Shen Yanfei of Spain in the quarterfinals, Japanese Ai Fukuhara in the semi finals and lastly, Wu Jiaduo of Germany in the finals. Although the victory of Li Xiaoxia wasn’t given to her so easily, she still managed to rise from the tension she was suffering during the tournament.

After the finals match, Timo Boll said to the reporters: “The Chinese Team is too powerful that makes the matches so difficult to play.”

So to our loyal viewers, can you really think of Timo Boll being overtaken by one of the Chinese paddlers, especially Wang Hao? How would Timo Boll react to the current trend in the table tennis arena and with the new Chinese stars? Is Timo Boll showing a sense of fear in his admission of difficulty?

Photo source: ITTF Official Flickr

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