Zhuang Zedong Suffering From Cancer

Zhuang Zedong suffering from cancer
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Zhuang Zedong is a pillar in the Chinese TT arena. He is known to be one of the pioneering athletes who led the Sino American relationships. However, recently, his body has been showing signs of weakness after being diagnosed with cancer. Currently, he is not active anymore in the world of TT, but continues to relive his passion for calligraphy.

Zhuang Zedong is a three-time world men’s singles champion and a champion in numerous TT events. Zhuang joined the Chinese National TT Team when he was still a teenager. He was known for his unique style by modifying the “Penholding Dual-sided Offense.”  Zhuang was once married to the pianist, Bao Huiqiao. But in the Cultural Revolution, they broke up and had a divorce. Afterwhich, he married the Chinese-born Japanese Sasaki Atsuko.

In August of 2008, Zhuang was diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer with some complications on his liver and lungs. During that time, he was also having training in calligraphy where he plans to conduct an exhibit for his calligraphic works. Yesterday, Zhuang told an old friend: “Recently, my body is not very good. Thank you for your concern, and my exhibit has been helping me rise above this situation.”

While the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics was going on in the Bird’s Nest, Zhuang Zedong has just completed his surgery and was lying in bed watching TV. After the Olympics, Zhuang said, “While I was sick, I still participated in several sporting events, but recently, I rarely participate already.”

Old Zhuang has been spending most of his time with his family and calligraphy. With the recent Spring Festival, Zhuang Zedong only stayed in his home in Beijing. “Like a sick man in his seventies, I can only stay at home in events like this. However, I consider this as my happiest moment where I can be with my family and watch my grandchildren visiting me.”

Zhuang Zedong has been practicing calligraphy for 30 years. Aside from TT, calligraphy is something that Zhuang also really treasure. In fact Old Zhuang has revealed his wish, “I think I should put my calligraphic pieces into an exhibit this year, and the theme would be ‘homeland in my heart.’”

Zhuang has contributed a lot in the TT arena when he was still young, but calligraphy is now the medium for Old Zhuang to keep going with life. He showed that age shouldn’t stop anyone with his passion for living.

So for those who didn't catch Zhuang Zedong in action, here's a little treat for you: highlights from 1971 WTTC Team Finals between China and Japan, where Zhuang Zedong played a key role. Hope you enjoy watching this!

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