Guo Yue Predicted To Win In The London Olympics?

Guo Yue predicted to win in the London Olympics?
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Recently, an American media (USA Today) made a bold prediction on the London Olympics where they said that the Chinese Team will probably sweep 4 gold medals in the upcoming Olympics. More specifically, Wang Hao and Guo Yue are expected to win in their respective divisions.

According to the forecast of USA Today, the United States will be getting 36 golds, 20 silvers, and 32 coppers. On the other hand, China will get 27 golds, 35 silvers, and 22 coppers ranking second. Furthermore, other countries such as Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, France, Japan, Italy and South Korea are predicted to bag 3-10 medals.

In the TT sporting event where Team China is a powerhouse cast, Chinese Wang Hao is predicted to be the Men’s Singles Champion after beating his compatriot Ma Long in the semis. German Timo Boll will be ranked third and be followed by Belorussian Vladimir Samsonov. The top 5 to 8 will be Jun Mizutani of Japan, German Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Joo Sehyuk and Oh Sang Eun of South Korea.

In the Women’s Division, it is predicted that Guo Yue will be competing with compatriot, Guo Yan in the semis, and will eventually win the women’s singles championship. Singaporean Feng Tianwei and Kim Kyung Ah of South Korea will be ranked in third and fourth. Furthermore, Jiang Huajun of Hong Kong China, Singaporean Wang Yuegu, Park Mi Young of South Korea, and Tie Yana of Hong Kong China will be ranked fifth and eighth.

USA Today is one of the largest circulations in the United States. The predictions for the 2012 London Olympics were made with coordination with the Infostrada Sports Data.

Tabletennistas, what do you think of USA Today’s fearless forecast? Do they really think Guo Yue could win or at least participate in the London Olympics?


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Wang Hao reached 3 Olympics singles final, and lost all of them

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