Huainan Tt Hotel Building Gained So Much Attention

Huainan TT Hotel Building gained so much attention
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The department officials of Huainan City plan to make the TT racket shaped hotel an attraction and a wonderful landmark. Although some of the residents have positive feedbacks on the plan so as to give additional attractions to their city, some of them also question the tremendous amount of money to be invested in such project.

In one glance, the hotel building looks like a 150-meter high TT racket accompanied by a “football” and a “basketball” shaped structures.

With the challenge of addressing different views of the public, Zhang Jinchang of the Huainan Sports Bureau responded that there is no truth to the government spending 300 million in building a luxury hotel. The truth is that the government will not fund entirely the TT racket-shaped hotel building project.

“It is 150 meters high, giant TT racket-shaped and expected to cost 300 million.” Mr. Li of Huainan described. Indeed, this huge project will make a very beautiful attraction for Huainan but for Mr. Li, considering the cost of the project, such ambitious building doesn’t mean so much to the general public.

Included in the controversy are the different buildings located inside the Huainan Olympic Park. “The park covers an area of 56 hectares, a total construction area of 200 million square meters and with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan,” This is how the Huainan Sports Bureau described the Olympic Park.

According to reports, the planning and construction of the Olympic Park in Huainan City should meet the domestic and international requirements in the individual sports. Furthermore it should also meet large-scale theatrical performances, leisure and fitness activities requirements.

As for the TT hotel building, Zhang Jinchang explained why the government will not entirely fund the project, “since the set up of the building is a five star hotel, it is considered as a non public service facility. So, the government will not be spending any penny for it.” Zhang Jinchang also said that their duty is only to introduce investors to the project, and currently in the preparatory phase, there are still no investors to be found.

Tabletennistas, what do you think of the project of Huainan Sports Bureau?

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