Li Xiaoxia Admits To Solve Easily Her Technical Issues

Li Xiaoxia admits to solve easily her technical issues
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2011 has not been a good year for Women's World #2 Li Xiaoxia. She's been performing poorly, not being able to get a championship during this year and neither getting a ticket to Rotterdam, but the chinese champion thinks that she will be able to overcome technical problems easily so she will concentrate on fixing her mental state to start getting good results.


After going down in the Guangzhou Asian Games, Li Xiaoxia was afraid that she won’t think highly of herself. In seven consecutive races, including two matches in the WTTC Trials and five Pro Tour Competitions, Li Xiaoxia hasn’t gotten any championships yet. Considering this, she missed a ticket to compete in Rotterdam for the WTTC.


However, Li Xiaoxia will still be accompanying her fellow athletes to Chengdu for a closed training. For her, this stage is very important to allow herself to improve.


“The most important thing to fix right now is my mental state. It has led me to my poor performance in my previous games.” Li Xiaoxia’s mental state is a very delicate matter. “For me, having a relaxed and stable mind while still being mobile in the field is a technique that I have to master.”


The training in Chengdu will start on March 17 and ends on April 20. This training is relatively longer than other trainings in China. Coaches and players will have more time to fix their technical problems and achieve a more competitive state. “For me, the technical aspect would easily be solved. Physical capacity and ball handling among others can be easily learned as long as you put your mind and heart in training, that’s most important.” Li Xiaoxia said.


Li Xiaoxia admitted that, while the competition is getting nearer, the pressure is also getting stronger. “You need to understand yourself fully, including the reasons why you are competing and the goals you have. You need to focus and put all other things behind. In that way, you will be able to achieve a determined and relaxed state of mind.” Li Xiaoxia concluded.


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The 1st WTTC was held in 1926, but China made their first appearance in 1953

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