Liu Guoliang On The National Football Team

Liu Guoliang on the National Football Team
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Coach Liu Guoliang of the National TT Team of China has been very active and hands on with his team. He is really dedicated to his work in training their athletes to be the best and be able to bring glory to their country. He does not only look out for the TT team but also for other National Teams like the football team.

What does the return of Zheng Zhi mean? It means that the football team has solved their problem in staffing but the return also has a hidden danger.

Zheng Zhi is a thirty-year old football player from Shenyang, Liaoning who started his career as a defender and later on moved to central midfield.

If handled properly, Zheng Zhi can become a significant contribution for the National team to reach the World Cup. On a different point, if the first two performances will not turn out so positive, then there will be an internal friction. “Double-edge sword” is how Coach Liu Guoliang will describe the veteran.

Cai Zhenhua, incharge of the National Football Team, has sent Liu Guoliang and Li Xiaodan to facilitate career coaching and lectures with the intention of upgrading the Chinese Football Team. Recently, Liu Guoliang has been invited to CCTV to analyze the problem of the football team. Liu Guoliang admitted that Li Weifeng, another football veteran who currently plays as central defender, and Zheng Zhi cause a lot of discussions in the football arena. He also said that veterans are valuable assets in any team and increase their chances in winning.

However, the challenge and the important responsibility of the coach is to train the mobility of the veteran. If the coach will be able to direct the veterans into the right direction, goals, outlook, and values, then the team will greatly benefit from them. In addition, the technical skills and stability of the veteran players should also be equally important and shouldn’t be ignored.

Liu Guoliang also pointed out the greatest weakness of veterans – the lack of ability to bond with the others. “Veterans are double-edge swords. The correct approach is to use their appeal on the team and allow them to show their roles.”

To our loyal tabletennistas, what do you think of Liu Guoliang helping out the football team? What do you think of his view on the football team and the veterans?


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