The 2011 European Leagues

The 2011 European Leagues
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Europe has always been very passionate about table tennis. Aside from China, the sport has also gained so much popularity in this region where from time to time, there are tournaments held in different parts of the continent. Not to mention, the world’s number 1, Timo Boll of Germany is of course, from Europe.

Here is a summary of how things are going on with different European Leagues.

In Germany, Borussia Dusseldorf and FSV Kroppach lead the men's and women's league respectively

Borussia Dusseldorf, where Timo Boll is connected proved to be unbeatable in Germany’s Bundesliga where they will meet with TTC Zugbrucke Grenzau in the last round before the start of the playoffs.

In the women’s division, on the other hand, FSV Kroppach leads after beating MTV Tostedt and DJK TuS Essen-Holsterhaussen last week. TTC Berlin and Hassia Bingen followed in the rankings as second and third.

In Spain, DKV Borges VALL took the first place after beating ARTEAL - Santiago.

DKV Borges VALL is the leader in the Men’s League Superdivision after their supreme performance against ARTEAL – Santiago. CAJASUR – Priego T.M is in second place, while UCAM-FLOYMAPE Cartagena is in third place after defeating San Sebastian De Los Reyes. In the women’s league, Fotoprix VIC is now one step away for the championships 2010/11.

In Denmark, Team Vedbek tops the men's and women's league.

Vedbek finished on top in the regular season of Denmark’s women’s league after having four points ahead of Ballerup in second place. Kobenhavn, however, is in third place. For the playoff semis, Vedbak will play against Virum-Sorgenfri and Ballerup against Kobenhavn. In the men’s league, OB and Vedbek both reached the playoff semifinals.

In Poland, KS BOGORIA Grodzisk Mazowiecki and KTS FORBET Tarnobrzeg lead the men's and women's league.

KS BOGORIA Grodzisk Mazowiecki beat GKS GORZOVIA ROMUS in the last round of the season in Poland and landed on top in the men’s league. ASTS OLIMPIA-UNIA Grudzi-dz finished second. In the women’s league, KTS FORBET Tarnobrzeg, MKSTS Polkowice, LUKS WARMIA Lidzbark Warminski and SKTS Sochaczew are the four leading clubs.

In Italy, A.S.D TT 91 Paiuscato Este tops the men's league while A.S.D TT Sandonatese leads the women's league.

The team order in the men’s league is A.S.D TT 91 Paiuscato Este, Sterilgarda, CUS Torino ASD and Marcozzi. In the women’s division, ASD TT Sandonatese is at the top. Sterilgarda TENNISTAVOLO is second. U.S.D Tennistavolo Zeus and A.S.D Tennistavolo Norbello ranked third and fourth.

In Hungary, Celldomolki VSE-Swietelsky-Wewalka got thirteen victories.

Celldomolki VSE-Swietelsky-Wewalka is at the top after winning 13 victories in the men’s league in Hungary. Penzugyor SE I, Felegyhazi ASI I and LOMBARD AC followed in the same order. The four top clubs for the women’s league are Budaors 2i SC I, Postas SE I, Soltvadkert TE Akker Plus and UNIVER-KTE Kft. Kecskemet.

In the Netherlands, Dozy Den Helder/Noordkop and Enjoy & Deploy took the lead in the men's and women's league.

In the Dutch Men’s league, Enjoy & Deploy is at the top followed by Wijzenbeek/Westa, and Bultman/Smash’70. In the women’s league, Dozy Den Helder/Noordkop placed Bultman/Smash’70 in second place after beating them. Hotak’68 and Scylla are in third and fourth place.

In Portugal, CD Sao Roque leads the men's league while CTM Mirandela enjoys the top spot in the women's league.

CD Sao Roque is at the top. Sporting CP, GDSR Toledos, and AR Novelense are in second, third and fourth place respectively. CTM Mirandela, on the other hand, is the leader in the women’s division. ADC Ponta Pargo is second. ALA Nun’alvares-Gondomar and GDSR Toledos are in third and fourth place.

In Croatia, DR CASL and HASTK MLADOST ISKON both finished on top of the charts in Croatian Men’s League and Women’s League respectively.


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