The 2011 Ittf North America Cup In Mississauga

The 2011 ITTF North America Cup in Mississauga
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TT enthusiasts from the North American region will have their eyes feasting on a three day intense competition by the strong players from their region. Mississauga, a city in Southern Ontarrio, Canada will be the venue for the 2011 ITTF North America Cup on April 1 to 3, 2011.

Canada provides the top seeds in the men’s division of the tournament with Pradeeban Peter-Paul leading the pack, Xavier Therien and Pierre-Luc Hinse, while American Mark Hazinski is seeded fourth. Canadian Pierre-Luc Theriault and the Americans Timothy Wang, Michael Landers and Fan Yiyong are seeded fifth to eighth.

The same with the men’s division, Canada also provides the top seed, Zhang Mo in the female division. However the American youth Ariel Hsing, Lili Zhang and Erica Wu closely followed her from behind who are determined to challenge seriously the number one seed. The rest of the line up includes Canadian Carmen Li, Shannon Zheng, and Ly Li Qian of Canada, and American Jha Prachi ranked fifth to eighth.

The eight male and female players will be playing in their respective division the knock-out principle throughout the tournament. The winners will automatically qualify for the Intercontinental Cup at the Liebherr Men’s World Cup in Paris on November this year and for the Volkswagen Women’s World Cup in Singapore on October this year.

Tabletennistas, who do you think would reign in the 2011 North America Cup? Would the Americans be able to overtake the Canadians this year?

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