The First Ever Latin America Tt Cup

The first ever Latin America TT Cup
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The ITTF, The Latin American TT Union, Brazilian TT Confederation and TMS International have joined forces to celebrate the first ever Latin America TT Cup to be held in Rio de Janeiro between the best table tennis talents from that side of the world.


In collaboration of the ITTF, TMS International, The Latin American TT Union, and the Brazilian TT Confederation, the first ever Latin American TT Cup will be taking place in the “Carnival City” of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.


The much awaited competition will commence on March 17, 2011 and will end on March 19, 2011 in the Maracanazinho Indoor Arena where the top 12 TT players from the participating continent will be gathering and show the world their skills in such sport. f

With months of preparations, the three-day competition will be aired in Brazil through Esporte Interativo and later in itTV on demand.


“Everything is ready for the first ITTF/Latin American Cup in Rio de Janeiro. After much hardwork and outstanding cooperation between the ITTF, TMS International, The Latin American TT Union, and the Brazilian TT Confederation, we are now able to present a premier event,” said Jairo Paez.


Jairo Paez is currently the president of The Latin American TT Union who also spearheaded the very successful Volkswagen World Junior Championships.


Mr. Paez said that the delegation will start to arrive today (March 14, 2011). He is also very confident that this event will be a great success. Furthermore, this competition will be broadcasted on television so that other continents can also witness such great talents of the Latin American TT players.


Jairo Paez, together with Steve Dainton, the marketing director of the ITTF, have been planning for this competition for the past six months. They say that this first continental cup will be an effective trial in the future and that they are sure that it will become the best broadcasted TT event in the Latin American Region.


In order for this competition to be a much successful event, an Indian sports manufacturer Stag and the Chinese sports flooring company Tinsue both sponsored the first Latin American TT Cup to ensure that it will be played in the highest possible standards.


Photo credit: Victor R. Caivano - AP

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