Timo Boll Joining The Chinese Superleague 2011

Timo Boll joining the Chinese Superleague 2011
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Last year, the Chinese TT Association had a ground breaking move when they opened their doors to foreign players. This year, German Timo Boll will have a participation in the said competition.

It was reported yesterday that Timo Boll would be in China as a guest performer in the Chinese Superleague 2011. This was revealed by Boll after his non-stop flight from Beijing via China Airlines in the Dusseldorf Airport.

According to the German news, Timo Boll will compete under Hangzhou Nirui TT Club. “I see this as an ideal start of my preparation for the Olympic season. In my last guesting, I really appreciated the great amount of hardships in the training. This year, I will be playing for a strong team.” Timo Boll said.

Aside from Timo Boll, world champions Ma Lin and Hao Shuai are also under contract. Timo Boll further said, “Me and my wife will be spending our holidays for the first time in China. I would like to know the country even better and I’m currently learning the language.”

The Chinese Superleague is divided into two leagues - the A league, where Timo Boll, Ma Lin, and Hao Shuai will be playing, and the B league.

This year, the first phase of the Chinese B League was rescheduled from April 13 – 17 to April 23-27 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in China. Furthermore, the second stage will be held in Yantai in Shandong Province on August 24-28, 2011.

On the other hand, the Chinese A League will be hosted by Linhai in Zhejiang province and Huhhot in Inner Mongolia on June 7 to 12. The second phase will be in Chongqing on September 21-25, 2011.

Boll clarified that his contract under the German top club Borussia Dusseldorf remained unaffected.

Tabletennistas, what do you think of Timo Boll’s move to join the Chinese Superleague?


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