Wang Hao Wishes Success In Rotterdam

Wang Hao wishes success in Rotterdam
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Current Men's World Singles Champions is doing hard training with the goal of retaining his title this year in Rotterdam and therefore join the select club of players who have won 2 world singles title in a row like Wang Liqin in the last decade or Jiang Jialiang in the 80's


Wang Hao received his first Men’s Singles Championship in 2009 World Championships in Yokohama. Two years later, he said that his goal is to defend his title in this year’s WTTC in Rotterdam.


“I certainly hope that I would be successful in defending the title.” Wang Hao said without hesitation. A team of 13 will be going to Xiamen for a close training in preparation for the WTTC. Wang Hao hopes that through this training, his stability and technical skills will be at their best.


“The World TT Championships is the best venue for athletes to showcase their capabilities and competencies. Unlike the Olympics where there are only 5 rounds, the WTTC has 7 rounds wherein all your skills in technical, physical, mental and psychological aspects are put to test.” Wang Hao said.


Looking back, Wang Hao is very much grateful to coach Liu Guoliang for being at his side through his career, “To me, he is a coach, a senior, and the person who knows me best.”


“After winning the championship title in 2009, Liu Guoliang talked to me at the airport, ‘please take note that after you took the world championship, the next tournaments should have higher requirements and objectives.’ However, I was so overwhelmed with the joy that time that I wasn’t able to think about it initially. It was only when I noticed my career was going downhill that I realized and thought about what Liu Guoliang said to me.”


Wang Hao said that he now already knows the feeling of glory, and at the same time the feeling of depression. So, although he really wants to defend the title this year, Wang Hao plans to remain prudent in playing in the field.


Photo credit: Vladimir Rys/Bongarts/Getty Images

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