Zhang Yining Getting Ready For Her Studies In The United States

Zhang Yining getting ready for her studies in the United States
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Zhang Yining will be studying in the United States for about ten months. Aside from learning the English language, she is also interested in the American history and geography. Of course, as a physical education graduate, she hopes that through her efforts, more American exchange students would be enticed to play table tennis.

Zhang Yining will be leaving for the United States next week for some academic plans. She said that her visa has been set already and hopes to return home with fluent English.

Zhang Yining is currently having English tutorials at the Chinese Language and Culture University. “There is a lot to learn in Beijing when it comes to English but the environment lacked opportunities to really practice it on a daily basis. Unlike in the United States, the environment will really force me to listen and speak English in every single day.

When Zhang Yining was asked to comment about the sluggish performance of Guo Yue recently, she carefully said: “My understanding on Guo Yue’s performance is not too deep. She may be in a very depressing condition. That is very normal. What is important is that if she could rise from the situation.” 

Zhang Yining also had a thing for Li Xiaoxia: “It is very vital that she believes in herself.” 

What do you think of the decision of Zhang Yining to study abroad? Is it worth being inactive in the world of table tennis where she grew up?
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