Boll’S Victory Is The First For Dusseldorf In The European Champions League

Boll’s victory is the first for Dusseldorf in the European Champions League
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In the second match of the second leg of the European Champions League (SVS Niederosterreich vs Borussia Dusseldorf), Timo Boll’s victory went through a challenging match against SVS’s Daniel Habesohn. In the match, Habesohn was really impressive in overcoming the world’s second Timo Boll and had that much needed momentum and determination. However, Timo Boll showed what he’s made of and came into the game in the later part of the match. In the end, Timo Boll won in a 3-2 total score.

Daniel Habesohn (SVS Niederosterreich) vs Timo Boll (Borussia Dusseldorf)
11-2, 6-11, 11-8, 8-11, 8-11

Habesohn got the first three points in the first round. Habesohn surprisingly first took control over the table and achieved a three point lead. Habesohn had a fantastic first round posting an impressive lead of seven points ahead of the world’s number two, 9-2. After a very rare error serve made by Timo Boll, Habesohn first reached the match point with a fantastic lead of eight points, 10-2. Finally Timo Boll ended the round with another error attack that gave the winning point to SVS’s Daniel Habesohn, 11-2.  

After an impressive first round for Habesohn, Timo Boll has came back to his senses and took the first three points in the second round. However, Habesohn released an impressive backhand return that made Boll difficult to cope with and eventually achieved his first point. Timo Boll continued to play very well and returned the favor to Habesohn with an impressive seven point lead 9-2. Habesohn, on the other hand, was still able to release some fantastic attacks that caught Boll off guard. Timo Boll showed what he’s made of and ended the round with an 11-6 score.

Habesohn took the first blood in the third round but Timo Boll didn’t allow the Austrian player to increase his lead and scored 5-3 to Boll’s favor. After lagging behind Timo Boll with three points, Habesohn made a fantastic come back and reduced the deficit to zero, 7-7, then 8-8. After Timo Boll’s attack hit Habesohn for the second time, the Austrian right handed player took the lead of 9-8. Timo Boll and Habesohn both showed a great performance in a very fantastic rally, exchanging attacks with unbelievable speed and accuracy. However, the underdog, Habesohn was the one who rose above that fantastic rally and eventually reaching the match point first with 10-8. Finally, Habesohn ended the third round with an 11-8 score.

 After a very fantastic performance of Habesohn in the third round, he continued to play very well and achieved a three point advantage after releasing a powerful backhand attack 3-0. Timo Boll immediately called for time out. However, Hobesohn was all hyped up and didn’t allow Timo Boll to come back into the game, 4-0, then 5-0. Timo Boll, on the other hand, was slowly following Habesohn and decreasing his deficit to three points, 4-7. This time, Habesohn’s aggression slowly destroyed his play and narrowed his lead to two points, 7-5. After the time out called by Habesohn, Timo Boll came back into the game and narrowed the lead further to one point, 7-6. Habesohn obviously lost his composure and focus after Timo Boll cut the lead to zero in 8-8. After which, tension was already rising in the Austrian team after Timo Boll first reached match point and eventually ending it by 11-8.

In the final round, Timo Boll got the first two points. However, Habesohn made a very quick comeback and posted a lead of two points 4-2. This time, the audience is already tensed and felt the pressure already rising. Hobesohn continued to maintain a lead at the first part of the round but Timo Boll wasn’t ready yet to give away the match to the SVS and tied 5-5. Towards the end of the round, it was obvious that Habesohn would have a really hard time to overcome the world’s number two after Timo Boll reached the match point first with a two point lead, 10-8. Finally, Timo Boll ended the battle in an 11-8 score.

Timo Boll this time was very close to losing which is very rare in the European circle. During the match, a great deal of distraction can be sensed in the performance of Timo Boll. There were very poor points in the match that came as a surprise from the German player. So tabletennistas, what do you think is the reason for such performance? Has the change in the world rankings affected his performance?

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