Cai Zhenhua Doesn’T Want China To Sweep All The Gold Medals Every Time

Cai Zhenhua doesn’t want China to sweep all the gold medals every time
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As the 2011 World Championships is fast approaching, Cai Zhenhua, the director of the State Sports General Administration said that he doesn’t personally want China to once again sweep all the medals. He admits that although it gives glory to China, they wouldn't want China to dominate the sport since it will hinder the development of the sport.

In the Yokohama World Championships, the Chinese Team had reservations in the mixed doubles and wasn’t the strongest in this field. However, the Chinese tandem of Li Ping and Cao Zhen still got the title and completed their collection of the titles available in the championship.

On the other hand, Cai Zhenhua is somehow distracted with the results. He said, “The game requires fairness and we cannot ask the players to lose the game, same as we cannot just allow the Chinese athletes to go for the gold medals. The foreign players just need to improve on their playing skills so as to make an impact.”

Cai Zhenhua also introduced that the Chinese TT Association has been implementing the International TT Promotion Program. The foreign players have been divided into several groups to study the sport in the TT school. Cai Zhenhua stressed that the world championship is the highest level of table tennis event and is a perfect opportunity for both Chinese players and players around the world to improve the exchange of ideas about the sport.

The Chinese National Team will be in Austria, specifically in the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat for a week starting today, April 29, to have their adaptive training. After their closed training, a lot of the players don’t even had the time to have a haircut and one of them is Li Xiaoxia who was actually very anxious to have a trim. Everyone wants to have a good start for the big event in Rotterdam.


Photo source: http://images.beijing2008.cn/20080214/Img214249925.jpg

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