Chen Weixing’S Victory For Svs In The Second Leg Of The European Champions League

Chen Weixing’s victory for SVS in the second leg of the European Champions League
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In the European Champions League, Austrian Chen Weixing of SVS Niederosterreich competed against the powerhouse Borussia Dusseldorf’s Patrick Baum of Germany for the opening match. Chen Weixing was obviously in a very good condition compared to Patrick Baum after posting an impressive straight three set win 3-0.

Patrick Baum (Borussia Dusseldorf) vs Chen Weixing (SVS Niederosterreich)
9-11, 8-11, 6-11

The first two points in the first round went to Dusseldorf’s Patrick Baum but SVS’s Chen Weixing quickly tied himself to 2-2. After which, the very first exciting rally of the match took place and the point landed to Patrick Baum after Chen’s attack went quite long. Howver, Chen Weixing, throughout the round, was the one who was able to maintain a pretty steady lead. The Austrian played very well in the first round and first reached match point and finally ending it by an 11-9 score after Baum’s last attack went farther away the table.

Unlike in the first round, the first two points in the second round went to Chen Weixing. The Austrian player slowly gained composure and control over the table and maintaining a lead of four points just ahead of Patrick Baum. The German player was starting to feel the pressure from his fans after Chen Weixing increased his lead to five points 6-1. However, the left-handed, Patrick Baum was able to come close with Chen Weixing with 5-7, then 7-9. Chen Weixing first reached match point and ended it with an 11-8 score.

After winning the first two rounds, Chen Weixing continued to play very well and increased his degree of confidence in the third round, while Dusseldorf’s Patrick Baum was still not in a very good form. Chen Weixing took the lead at the start of the third round but Patrick Baum quickly caught up with him and tied to 3-3. However, Chen Weixing was very determined to end the match this time and posted a solid lead of four points 8-4. Patrick Baum showed a sign of frustration, knowing how difficult for him at this point to overcome Chen Weixing. After a poor outside attack of Patrick Baum, Chen Weixing is now one point away from victory, 10-5. Patrick Baum ended the game after his ball went through the net and eventually, giving the point to Chen Weixing for victory, 11-6.

It was a fantastic start of SVS Niederosterreich and credit should be given to the Austrian player Chen Weixing where he demonstrated his powerful attacks and impressive defenses. Tabletennistas, do you think SVS can continue it’s wonderful start through out the rest of the matches?

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