Christian Suss Gave Second Victory For Team Dusseldorf In The European Champions League

Christian Suss gave second victory for Team Dusseldorf in the European Champions League
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In the third match of the SVS Niederosterreich versus Borussia Dusseldorf, Stefan Fegerl of Austria fought against German Christian Suss. Same with Timo Boll and Daniel Habesohn, this is the first time these two players ever met. During the duration of the match, Christian Suss displayed a very strong performance and crushed Stefan Fegerl in three straight rounds at the end.

Stefan Fegerl (SVS Niederosterreich) vs Christian Suss (Borussia Dusseldorf)
9-11, 9-11, 10-12

Christian Suss started very powerful in the first round giving him the first two points to Dusseldorf. Christian Suss immediately took control over the table and achieved a good lead of three points 5-2. However, Stefan Fegerl somehow managed to climb up the score board and tied with Suss in 6-6. Fegerl at some point in the first round made his audience believe he’s going to win the first round. However, Christian Suss first reached match point and quickly ended the round to his advantage with an 11-9 score.

Once again, Christian Suss got the first point at the start of the second round. Fegerl really need to come out stronger this time against Suss in order to take control over the table. Indeed, the Austrian player got a one point lead in 4-3 but Suss quickly tied himself in 4-4 and immediately took the lead of 5-4. Suss, same in the first round, reached the match point first with a two point lead 10-8. At the end, Suss nailed the second round with a close score of 11-9.

Similar to the previous two rounds, Christian Suss got the first two points at the start of the third round. Stefan Fegerl, on the other hand hasn’t given up and tied himself to 2-2, and eventually took the lead of 4-2. Fegerl continued to play very well and reached a three point lead of 9-6. But, Suss was more determined to end the match in the third round. Suss managed to tie himself in 9-9. Unlike the previous two rounds, Fegerl, this time first reached the match point but Suss quickly followed the Austrian player in 10-10 and eventually reached the match point 11-10. At the end, Suss ended the match in a 12-10 score.

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