Guo Yan Fifth Time In The Wttc

Guo Yan fifth time in the WTTC
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“All the seven female players that the Chinese team has sent want to win the championships. As for me, winning the championships is more urgent.” Guo Yan said yesterday, while referring to the upcoming WTTC in Rotterdam.

Guo Yan is already 29 years old and she has been participating in the WTTC since 2003. This year’s competition is her fifth time. In the 2003 WTTC in Paris, Guo Yan was blocked at the top 32. Two years later, in the WTTC in Shanghai, she was able to get all the way to the finals but eventually lost to Zhang Yining. That was the closest she had in the WTTC.

In the 2007 and 2009 WTTC in Zagreb and Yokohama respectively, Guo Yan has only reached the semifinals. In this year’s competition, Guo Yan is still set to play in the singles but in addition, she will be paired with Ding Ning for the women’s doubles.

Since 2009 up to the present, Guo Yan’s condition has maintained its stability. In fact, after Zhan Yining, Guo Yan is the next in line when it comes to the most stable condition among the female players. Therefore the Chinese Nuping’s coach Shi Zhihao said: “Guo Yan has a lot to offer this year. She can basically play a spiritual leader to boost the morale and stability of the team.”

There is approximately 20 days before the start of the competition. “My goal is unanimous. First of all, I wish that we will be victorious against the foreign players. Moreover, my ultimate desire is to win the championship which is the same for every player in our team. As for me, this goal is much more pressed unto me and I hope that I will have the best condition in the competition.” Guo Yue concluded.

What do you think is lacking from Guo Yan why she hasn’t been able to win the women’s singles championship in any WTTC?

Photo source: flickr.com/photos/ittfworld/5398419567/

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