Guo Yue Trained With Sandbags For Wttc

Guo Yue trained with sandbags for WTTC
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Nuping has devoted so much for the upcoming WTTC in Rotterdam. The coaching staff has prepared different methods of training that would correspond to each player. Guo Yue, in particular had to train with sandbags as part of her special training to address  one of her problems - weak legs strength.

In order to have a good performance in the upcoming WTTC in Rotterdam next month, Nuping conducted 26 days of close training, and coincidentally, there are also 26 days left for the WTTC. During this period, each player will have to train by themselves.

During the training, coaches developed different training plans to correspond each player’s needs. To address Guo Yue’s problem of weak leg strength, she had to tie sandbags to each of her legs during training. According to what Guo Yue said, sandbags were tied in both her legs with one pound weight per foot. When asked on how she felt about the special training, she said while wiping her sweat, “At the start, it’s just okay. But the longer I run and everyday I train, the weight gets heavier and I need to exert more physical strength.” With this, Guo Yue’s efforts to improve one’s self can be seen.

In the WTTC, players will be using TT balls made in Japan that are considered to be the most expensive in the world costing 30 yuan per piece or roughly 5USD. As part of the training, the Chinese team even purchased 3000 pieces of TT balls from Japan costing 90,000 yuan (14,650 USD) just to get the real feel of the match as close as possible

In the other side of the stadium, a camera records every player’s performance during the training. After the training, the coaches will play back the recorded video and problems found in the performance will be addressed. Coach Shi Zhihao guides the team members by strictly addressing not only the technical skills, but also the physical stability of each athlete. Shi Zhihao emphasized the importance of physical strength by including lifting weights in the training where the petite female players have to undergo.

“From physical and mental energy, including technical preparations, we have indeed improved a lot.” Shi Zhihao concluded.

Photo source: flickr.com/photos/afai13/5027895957/

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