Guoping’S Final Warm Up This Weekend In Chengdu

Guoping’s final warm up this weekend in Chengdu
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There is roughly 16 days from the WTTC and the Chinese team (Guoping), apart from their WTTC Trials and closed training, has conducted their final warm up in Chengdu over the weekend. The warm up match will be open for public and free of charge.

The warm up tournament will be participated by 34 players - 18 for the women’s division while 16 for the men’s division and the rules are based from the WTTC competition rules. The competition will start on Saturday morning, 9 am. While the men’s and women’s singles and doubles will be finalized on Sunday afternoon.

Women’s Singles: First round will start on Saturday, 11:30 am while the final rounds will be on Sunday

Upper Half:
Li Xiaoxia vs Wen Jia; Mu Zi vs Feng Yalan; Liu Shiwen vs Chen Meng; Zhu Yuling vs Guo Yue

Lower Half:
Ding Ning vs Cao Zhen; Li Xiaodan vs Fan Ying; Wu Yang vs Chang Chenchen; Hu Limei vs Guo Yan

Men’s Singles: First round will start on Saturday, 16:30 while the final round will be conducted on Sunday, 16:00

Upper Half:
Wang Hao vs Zhai Yiming; Li Ping vs Hao Shuai; Wang Liqin vs Lei Zhenhua; Fang Bo vs Ma Long

Lower Half:
Zhang Jike vs Zhou Yu; Zhang Chao vs Chen Qi; Xu Xin vs Yan An; Xu Ruifeng vs Ma Lin

Doubles: Mixed doubles will be finalized on Saturday morning while the first round of the men’s and women’s doubles will be held on Saturday evening and the semifinals and finals will be on Sunday.

Men’s Doubles (Upper Half):
Wang Hao/Zhang Jike vs Xu Ruifeng/Zhai Yiming; Zhang Chao/Fang Bo vs Wang Liqin/Hao Shuai

Men’s Doubles (Lower Half):
Ma Long/Xu Xin vs Lei Zhenhua/Li Ping; Zhou Yu/Yan An vs Ma Lin/Chen Qi
Women’s Doubles (Upper Half):
Li Xiaoxia/Guo Yue vs Chang Chenchen/Yang Yanmei; Fan Ying/Hu Limei vs Feng Yalan/Mu Zi

Women’s Doubles (Lower Half):
Cao Zhen/Li Xiaodan vs Chen Meng/Zhu Yuling; Wen Jia/Rao Jingwen vs Li Xiaoxia/Guo Yue

Mixed Doubles:
Hao Shuai/Mu Zi vs Zhang Chao/Cao Zhen

Yan An/Feng Yalan vs Zhou Yu/Li Xiaodan

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