Libre Sancho Gets Through The 2011 Spanish Open After A Full Stretch Match

Libre Sancho gets through the 2011 Spanish Open after a full stretch match
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Spanish speaking players, Marcos Madrid of Mexico and the host Libre Sancho of Spain competed against each other to get through the 2011 Spanish Open in Almeria

Libre Sancho (ESP) vs Marcos Madrid (MEX) 4-3 (9-11, 11-8, 11-7, 9-11, 4-11, 12-10, 12-10).

In the first round, both players fought very powerful with scores very close to each other until towards the end of the round. Marcos Madrid first reached the match point and ended it with a close 11-9. In the second round, Spanish Libre Sancho got the first two points but Madrid quickly followed and tied to 2-2. Just like in the first round, both players seemed to be in very good condition displaying powerful attacks. In the middle of the round, Madrid was able to post a three point lead against the Spanish player but the latter immediately tied himself to 8-8 and returned the favor by leading with two points 10-8 which put him to match point first. The second round went to the Spanish Libre Sancho by 11-8.

Even at the start of the third round, both players are still very into the game and neither is controlling the table. Not until the middle of the game, Spanish Libre Sancho posted a solid five point lead by 9-4. Same in the previous round, Sancho reached the match point first with a five point lead. After several rallies, Sancho finally ended the round with a 11-7 score.

At the start of the fourth round, Madrid started very well posting a three point lead against Sancho 4-1. Madrid was able to maintain the lead not until the middle of the round where Sancho was able to tie himself at 7-7. However, Madrid was more determined to win this round and first reached the match point and eventually ended it in an 11-9 score.     
In the fifth round, Madrid started to show some control over the table and achieved a three point lead 4-1. Madrid’s confidence continued to increase as his display of powerful backhand attacks and topspins led the Spanish paddler off guard. In the end, Madrid posted an easy win of 11-4.

In the sixth round, Sancho was starting to feel the pressure and his coach was already calling for his confidence. On the other hand, Madrid committed a few errors which allowed Sancho to follow closely behind him. Sancho’s team called for a time out after the score 4-6 in favor of the Mexican team. The time out called by the Spanish team indeed benefited them and came back into the game. Sancho first reached the match point but Madrid was able to tie himself to 10-10 after an error made by the Spanish player. However, Sancho has no intention of giving up on the sixth round and took the game to his advantage by 12-10.

In the final stretch, both players are already feeling the pressure. They continued to exchange powerful attacks and at this point, it’s anybody’s ball game. Towards the end of the match, the Mexican team called for a time out having three points behind from the Spanish team by 6-9. Indeed, Madrid was able to tie himself in 9-9 and reached the match point first, however Madrid wasn’t able to get all the way and still had several match points. In the end, the Spanish Libre Sancho made his home country proud and ended the very long match in a 12-10 score.

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