Park Young Sook: Victory For South Korea In The 2011 Spanish Open

Park Young Sook: victory for South Korea in the 2011 Spanish Open
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The 2011 Spanish Open started today at Almeria. The tournament was ushered by the match between Park Young Sook of South Korea and Russian Anastacia Koltsova for the women’s group qualifying matches.

In the Palacio de los Juegos Mediterraneos, Park Young Sook defeated Anastacia Kolstova of Russia by 4-1 (11-4, 11-7, 8-11, 11-6, 11-8).

In the first round, both girls were fighting very closely. However, Park Young Sook, the highest world ranked player on duty in the first phase of the tournament, first got control over the table and had a solid lead of five points. Park Young Sook first reached the match point and eventually posted an impressive 11-4.

Park Young Sook got the first point in the second round however Anastacia Kolstova quickly caught up and tied in 2-2. Same in the first round, Park Young Soon first had a lead of three points but this time, Kolstova quickly caught up with Park in 6-6. However, Park Young Sook maintained her composure and first reached the match point. At the end the second round, the Korean won by 11-7.

Same in the second round, Park Young Sook got the first two points in the third round but Anastacia Kolstova immediately tied with Park in 2-2. This time, the Russian slowly gained control over the table and posted a three point lead. The Korean didn’t allow the Russian player to continue having the lead and she closely tailed behind Kolstova. However, Anastacia’s determination to win the third round was more powerful and ended the round to her favor by 11-8.
In the fourth round, Park Young Sook got the first three points and increased her lead to four points towards the middle of the match. This time, Anastacia Kolstova can already feel the pressure and obviously slowly going out of the game. Park was able to maintain her lead towards the end of the round and reached the match point first. At the end, Park Young Sook posted a win of 11-6 to her advantage. In the fourth round, Anastacia Kolstova could not afford anymore to allow Park to continue controlling the game. Kolstova continued to exchange attacks with Park. However, Park Young Sook maintained her lead ahead of Kolstova and did not bother to extend the match by ending it in an 11-8 score.

The group qualifying matches were on the side of the Koreans in the 2011 Spanish Open. Same with Park Young Sook, another Korean female paddler, Yoon Sun Ae also defeated another Russian, Maria Bykova in six games (11-9, 11-5, 9-11, 4-11, 11-8, 11-1). It is expected that the Koreans will be the strongest contender in this year’s Spanish Open. So, tabletennistas, what do you think of the results will be in the women’s division in the 2011 Spanish Open? Will the Koreans be able to live up to the expectations?

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