Shi Zhihao Defended Kong Linghui

Shi Zhihao defended Kong Linghui
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After Guo Yue’s poor performance caught the attention of the TT fans, Kong Linghui, her coach, was also dragged to the limelight. There have been a number of talks over the media that express their discontent towards Kong Linghui’s performance. Despite this, Nuping’s head coach, Shi Zhihao defended Kong Linghui in front of the reporters.

Yesterday, at the conference room of the Western International Training Center, Chinese Nuping’s head coach Shi Zhihao accepted the reporters. He said they were able to reach the requirements for the upcoming WTTC – in terms of focus, physical stability, and technical skills.

When a reporter asked about the criticisms Kong Linghui is receiving, he said: “The young coach is still not perfect. I hope you can give him more time and space.”

“No matter what people say about us, me, Kong Linghui and Guo Yue are more understanding. It just shows their love towards Chinese Nuping. Kong Linghui started with Guo Yue from the previous Olympics and has completed his task very well. Liu Shiwen also performed very well these years. Overall, he performed his duties as their coach. But the young coach is still not so perfect. His experiences and methods are still not fully developed, which I can understand. I hope that we can give him some time and space. I believe he will do better in the future.” Shi Zhihao said.

For the mean time, here is a video of Guo Yue in the second round of the WTTC Trials. We can watch her performance here and compare it with the upcoming WTTC in Netherlands.

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