Teams Are All Set For The Wttc

Teams are all set for the WTTC
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In less than 20 days from the WTTC in Rotterdam, all teams have already registered their players. With the recent changes in the ITTF rules, each team can now register a maximum of seven players for each division, men’s and women’s respectively. On the other hand, the organizers have been prepared for the upcoming WTTC – even the design of the mascot has already been finished.

Here are some of the players from key teams who we should watch out for:

South Korea sent Joo Se Hyuk. Oh Sang Eun, Ryu Seung Min, Kim Min Seok, Seo Hyun Deok, Cho Eun Rae, Lee Jung Woo to play in the men’s singles finals. Men’s doubles are Rye Seung Min/Seo Hyun Deok, Kim Min Seok/Jung Young Sik, and Lee Jung Woo/Oh Sang Eun.

For the women’s division South Korea will have Yang Ha Eun, Park Mi Young, Song Ma Eum, Moon Hyun Jung, Park Young Sook, Kim Kyung Ah, Seok Ha Jung all to play for the women’s singles. For the women’s doubles, pairs of Park Mi Young/Kim Kyung Ah, Park Young Sook/Lee Eun Hee, Yang Ha Eun/Seok Ha Jung comprised the list.

The German team, on the other hand has Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Zoltan Fejer-Konnerth, Ruwen Filus, Bastian Steger, Christian Suss, Timo Boll, and Patrick Baum to play in the men’s singles. The pairs of Patrick Baum/Bastian Steger, Ruwen Filus/Zoltan Fejer-Konnerth, and Christian Suss/Dimitrij Ovtcharov will all compete for the men’s doubles.

Wu Jiaduo will still lead the women’s singles for the German team with Kathrin Muhlbach, Kristin Silbereisen, Zhenqi Barthel and Sabine Winter. For the doubles, only the pairs of Wu Jiaduo/Sabine Winter and Zhenqi Barthel/Kristin Silbereisen will contend for the gold.

The Japanese team has Kenta Matsudaira, Kazuhiro Chan, Jun Mizutani, Koki Niwa, Kenji Matsudaira and Seiya Kishikawa to contend for the men’s singles championships while all of them with pairs of Koki Niwa/Kenta Matsudaira, Kenji Matsudaira/Kazuhiro Chan, and Jun Mizutani/Seiya Kishikawa will play in the men’s doubles.

Fujii Hiroko, Yuka Ishigaki, Ayuka Tanioka, Misako Wakamiya, Sayaka Hirano, Kasumi Ishikawa, and Ai Fukuhara will contend for the women’s singles for Japan while pairs of Misako Wakamiya/Fujii Hiroko, Yuri Yamanashi/Yuka Ishigaki, and Ai Fukuhara/ Kasumi Ishikawa for the women’s doubles.

For other countries, Werner Schlager of Austria, Belorussian Vladimir Samsonov, Greek Kalinikos Kreanga, Jonathan Pearson of Great Britain, Chuang Chih Yuan of Chinese Taipei and Tang Peng of Hong Kong will participate in the men’s singles. While Singaporeans Feng Tianwei, Wang Yuegu and Li Jiawei, will be present in the women’s singles.

For the mean time, the organizers of the WTTC in Rotterdam have revealed the design of the mascot who would give support and entertainment to the players and audiences as well. However, the mascot still doesn’t have a name and the organizers are asking for suggestions. If you have a funny and catchy name in mind, let us help the organizers and send your suggestions to [email protected] The winner will have 2 free entrance tickets for the event. Here is the link of the mascot http://www.2011wttc.com/news/85/world-championships-mascot-revealed.html

Photo source: 2011wttc.com/home.html

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