Tie Yana Will Have To Give Up The Olympics If Pregnant

Tie Yana will have to give up the Olympics if pregnant
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Currently, Tie Yana is ranked 16th in the world and is set to play for the upcoming WTTC and expected to appear in next year’s Olympic Games in London. However, after Tie Yana married his compatriot Tang Peng in year 2009, she has been expressive of her desire to have her own children and take good care of her family. She also considered her family to be more important than any international competitions.

In the fight for Olympic qualification, Tie Yana of the Chinese Hong Kong is included in the top 30 in the world and is a qualifier for the London Olympics. However, due to recent events in her personal life, this expectation might not materialize

Family is more important

The world’s sixteenth Tie Yana said firmly: “Actually, I have always been prepared to have children. If I would be able to attend the London Olympics, of course, I will be happy. But I have been to the Olympics twice, coupled with old age and injuries. But if I will suddenly have a child, I will give up next year’s Olympic Games. After all, family is more important than the Olympics.”

In a post, she expressed her wish to have a happy family and hopes for her husband, Tang Peng to exceed records in the mixed doubles: “After the Asian Games in Guangzhou, I told him that this is their second time to play mixed doubles together. Of course, I hope that I will achieve good results with him. After the Asian Games last year, we do not really know whether that will be our last battle.”

As for the WTTC, we can still see her in action in the women’s singles and the mixed doubles with Tang Peng, her husband.

Like any other athletes, Tie Yana also considers her career to be temporary and looks forward for a happy family life. So tabletennistas, what do you think of her plans? Do you think she should consider having a family now or delay such plan after the London Olympics?

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