Timo Boll Suffered Loss From Chen Weixing In The European Champions League

Timo Boll suffered loss from Chen Weixing in the European Champions League
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Timo Boll and Chen Weixing competed in the fourth match of the SVS Niederosterreich versus Borussia Dusseldorf in the second leg of the European Champions League. In the number of occasions that they met, it has always been Timo Boll who stood victorious. However, this time, fate has reversed for the world’s number 27, Chen Weixing and was able to overcome the top European player, Timo Boll in a full 5 rounds stretch.

Chen Weixing vs Timo Boll 3-2 (11-9, 6-11, 8-11, 11-8, 11-7)

Chen Weixing started very well in the first round leading two points 4-2, then 5-3. However, Timo Boll, unlike in his previous match against Daniel Habesohn, started good quite early and took a three point lead in 9-6. Giving credit to Chen Weixing, he managed to slowly tied himself with Boll in 9-9 and eventually reached the match point first 10-9. At the end, Chen Weixing did a wonderful attack and nailed the first round in 11-9.

Unlike in the first round, Boll got the first four points for Dusseldorf in the second round. However, Chen Wexing slowly narrowed the lead to one point 4-3 in Boll’s advantage. Timo Boll didn’t allow Chen Weixing to come any closer and eventually posted a solid lead of four points 9-5. Boll first reached the match point this time and eventually won the set with an 11-6 score.  

Timo Boll and Chen Weixing tied to 3-3 at the start of the third round. ChenWeixing, this time has lost his focus and already looking like a defeated man. Timo Boll continued to play very well and posted a score of 7-4 and maintained the three point lead until 8-5. At this point, Chen Weixing slowly climbed up the score board and narrowed the lead to one point 8-7 to Boll’s advantage. However, similar to the second round, Timo Boll first reached the match point and eventually won the third round to 11-8.

After a not so wonderful performance from Chen Weixing, the world’s number 27 started very fantastic as he made the world’s number two, run in both sides of the table. However, Timo Boll was not shaken by the powerful attack made by Chen Weixing, and eventually posted a three point lead 4-1. With that score, Chen Weixing called for a time out. After the short break, Chen still didn’t play well and still behind three points from Timo Boll, 6-3. Just as the audience thought that this will be the final round for this match, Chen Weixing managed to tie with Timo Boll in 7-7, then 8-8, and finally took the lead 9-8. Surprisingly, Chen Weixing wasn’t too late in coming back into the game and eventually reached the match point first 10-8 and finally ending it to an 11-8 score.

At the start of the final round, Timo Boll was caught looking at the heavens probably asking for some strength after Chen Weixing posted two straight strong points. Eventually, Chen Weixing, after a fantastic come back in the fourth round, nailed a solid lead of four points 4-0. However, Timo Boll managed to step up and tied himself to 4-4. Chen Weixing, on the other hand was continuously playing great with a solid five point lead ahead of Timo Boll, 9-4. Chen Weixing, eventually reached the match point first with a four point lead. Eventually, Chen Weixing was able to overcome Timo Boll and nailed the round with an 11-7 score.   

Chen Weixing, indeed showed an amazing performance against Timo Boll. Who would have thought that at the later part of the fourth round, after looking frustrated, the Austrian player would be able to come back into the game and would surprisingly dominate the rest of the match. Furthermore, Chen Weixing forced the world’s number two, Timo Boll to his first ever defeat in this season’s European Champions League.

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