Wang Nan Joining The Coaching Staff Of The Chinese Nuping?

Wang Nan joining the coaching staff of the Chinese Nuping?
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Recently, in an interview of CCTV, the veteran Wang Nan taught some secrets in the competion to Liu Shiwen and Ding Ning. Wang Nan has been silent in the TT arena for quite some time. However, recently, Wang Nan has been very visible in giving pieces of advice to the Chinese Nuping. This made a lot to speculate that she will be replacing Kong Linghui in coaching the Chinese Nuping. But her mentor, Gu Zhenjiang confirmed such issue is nothing but a rumor.

Wang Nan has been retired for almost two years and is now very successful being a full time wife and a mother. But apparently, Wang Nan has been expressing her desire to be back in the TT arena. Wang Nan has been described as a legend in TT where she managed to earn 16 world titles and a grand slam player. Her experience in the competitions and a steady condition serve as a model for younger players. Her visit to Chinese Nuping’s training giving comments and lessons is considered to be a voice of experience, filling the arena with her presence.

Considering her actions in the closed training, a lot of fans were already expecting that she would be coaching the Chinese Nuping. Also after the WTTC Trials, a lot of TT fans gave their comments with regards to Kong Linghui’s approach in coaching the Chinese Nuping. Particularly after Guo Yue was defeated in the Trials, Kong Linghui’s coaching was discriminated and was requested to be replaced. These recent happenings somehow contributed to the speculation of Wang Nan joining the coaching staff.

However, her mentor Gu Zhenjiang said in an interview, “This is not reliable.” Gu Zhenjiang said that basing such issue from the message sent by Wang Nan to Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen is not reliable at all.

“Wang Nan sharing her experiences in the competition and teaching some lessons in their career is normal. But, with regards to the coaching the Chinese Nuping, I really feel unlikely about it and like what I’ve said repeatedly, Wang Nan is not suitable in coaching. The good intentions and wishes of the fans are understandable but things do not go to that direction,” Gu Zhenjiang confirmed.

So tabletennistas, what do you think of Wang Nan as coach for Chinese Nuping? Do you think she can do a better job than Coach Kong Linghui considering that Wang Nan is of the same gender with the players?

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