Why Did Hao Shuai Miss The Singles?

Why did Hao Shuai miss the singles?
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The WTTC Trials in Zhucheng took place primarily to produce the qualified players to participate in the World Table Tennis Championships (WTTC) in Rotterdam. Hao Shuai was one of the players who got qualified after the trials, however, after the closed training in Xiamen, Hao Shuai is not anymore included in the final list for Rotterdam – not even in doubles. Liu Guoliang explained the reason behind this, while supporters defended Hao Shuai over the internet.

After the second stage qualifying WTTC Trials, Hao Shuai ranked third with the total number of points, and eventually included in the list for men’s singles. However, with the final list that the Chinese TT Team released, Hao Shuai failed to obtain a place in the singles event.

Coach Liu Guoliang explained the reason behind this. “Hao Shuai was not selected to play for the singles event because the views of the coaching staff were unified and that seemed reasonable. Even Hao Shuai, himself can feel the same way. Within the Nanping, Hao Shuai’s performance in the international arena is not as good as Chen Qi and Wang Liqin. In the team ranking, Hao Shuai has been ranked in eighth place every year, so for the WTTC, as coaching staff, we will certainly pick the top 7 players. I think Hao Shuai in the recent trainings had put all his hard work. However, his degree is not the same as with everybody’s goal. Hao Shuai can not participate in the Olympics next year. His goal should start with the WTTC, particularly the mixed doubles event.” 

On the other hand, Liu Guoliang also spoke about Wang Liqin. “After the assessment of the coaching staff, we believe that that Wang Liqin is capable and should compete in the singles event. But his old team, the men’s and mixed doubles did not allow him any chance to participate.” 

Supporters defended Hao Shuai

For Hao Shuai, the two phases of the WTTC Trials were torture. Its not that he’s afraid of neither the trials nor his performance was below average. In fact, his performance with the team was a remarkable one. Unfortunately, Hao Shuai always received unfair treatment for the amount of dedication he gives in his performance. Once again this year, he was supposed to play in the WTTC in Rotterdam after the WTTC Trials, but unfortunately, his name wasn’t included in the list for singles, even in doubles. Hao Shuai was deeply saddened with it!

With that, a number of internet users have vocally expressed their dismay towards the credibility of the WTTC Trials. They were asking why should they remove someone who was already included in the list and who has already proved his potentials as a player. For them, the act of the coaching staff seemed very unfair towards Hao Shuai.

So Tabletennistas, what are your thoughts about this issue? Do you agree with Liu Guoliang that their decision in replacing Hao Shuai was reasonable? Or is it totally unfair on Hao Shuai’s side?

Photo source: zimbio.com/World+Table+Tennis+Championships+2009+Day+nRhhUxE9oAUl.jpg

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