Xu Xin To Play Under Hebei Bazhou Nirui Team

Xu Xin to play under Hebei Bazhou Nirui Team
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Aside from the upcoming WTTC in Rotterdam, China has also been preparing for this season’s Chinese TT Super League. This year, Xu Xin will continue to lead the Bazhou Hairun while other key players – Zhang Jike and Ma Lin will also lead their respective teams.

The Chinese TT Super League will be starting next month, May 29, and the teams have already completed their line up few months before the competition. 

Liu Zhiqiang will continue as head coach of Bazhou Hairun club this season’s Super League. The Shanghai teenager will still lead the team. The team also invested 1.42 million in introducing the Tianjin veteran, Li Ping into the team. The team is supplemented by three future stars, Cui Qinglei, Zhai Chao and Cheng Jingqi. The whole team is comprised mostly by young people with considerable impact.

Coach Liu Zhiqiang said: “Bazhou Hairun team got the sixth place last year. Our main player, Xu Xin contributed but did not release all the energy into the game. Xu Xin has very large impact, along with Wang Liqin and Wang Hao. Winning is good. This year, Xu Xin seemed to be in better shape so I hope we will have a steady win throughout that season.”

Bazhou Hiarun team started to participate in the Super League last 2009 where they ranked ninth, in 2010 they ranked sixth. This year, they will try to break into the title race group.

According to the team head, Bai Yang, the strength of the top players is divided evenly throughout different teams in this season’s Super League - Zhang Jike leading the Luneng, last season’s champion, Ma Lin leading the most powerful club, Hangzhou.

Tabletennistas, what team is your bet in this season’s Chinese TT Super League?

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