Zhang Yining's Career In A Nutshell

Zhang Yining's career in a nutshell
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Zhang Yining started playing TT at the age of five, entered the National Team at the age of twelve, got her first world championships at the age of nineteen, became an Olympic Champion at the age of twenty-three, and finally gathered nineteen world championships in her career.

Zhang Yining has been the talk of the TT enthusiasts in China recently after choosing a different path outside her TT career. She is perceived to be the best female TT player and has contributed a lot of glory to China. Here is a little preview of her career.

Zhang Yining was born in 1981 in Beijing. Her uncle wanted her to start playing TT at the age of five, but, her parents were not agreeable with the idea because of the very young age. At the end, her uncle won the deliberation and little Zhang Yining was enrolled in a sports school to start training for TT.

Zhang Yining soon showed her talent and skill in the TT arena and more and more opportunities came her way. Eventually in 1993, at the age of twelve, she was admitted to join the Chinese National TT Team. This also signaled the start of her professional career in TT.

Nineteen has multiple meanings for Zhang Yining. In the year 2000, although she was defeated in the Sydney Olympics, she was able to win the world championships of the same year and achieved her dream of becoming a world champion at the age of nineteen. Since then, Zhang Yining got the subsequent world championships, world cups, and Olympic games. In the 50th world TT championships in 2009, Zhang Yining again got the women’s singles championship. This completed her collection of 19 singles championship medals after her first medal in the age of nineteen.

For any athlete, participating on any Olympic Games is their ultimate dream. And that dream was realized by Zhang Yining in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. She did not only win the singles championships but also the women’s doubles. Until then, Zhang Yining is the reigning Olympic champion in both singles and doubles.

28 is considered to be a golden age for athletes. In that age, Zhang Yining selected the path towards married life. Shortly after winning 11 singles championships, Zhang Yining and her husband presented themselves in the marriage hall and eventually applied for a temporary leave of 1 and a half years.

Zhang Yining, eventually followed the footsteps of her sister, Wang Nan, and retired at the age of thirty leaving her brilliant career in TT. Zhang Yining is also the athlete who got the 100th summer Olympics gold medal for China which is very memorable for her.

For our loyal tabletennistas, here is a treat for you showing the last 2009 WTTC championship game by Zhang Yining. Enjoy!

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