Ding Ning Is The New Women's Singles World Champion!

Ding Ning is the new Women's Singles World Champion!
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The women’s singles event came to its conclusion today, May 14, 2011 at the Ahoy Arena Rotterdam. The finals match was between the top seed Li Xiaoxia and her compatriot Ding Ning. In the previous rounds, Ding Ning has been very aggressive while Li Xiaoxia was also playing extremely well. However, at the end, Ding Ning stood victorious!

Li Xiaoxia 2-4 Ding Ning

Both girls started the match all charged up exchanging extremely fast attacks. Throughout the first round, Li and Ding were tied in majority of every point until 9-9. Ding Ning managed to reach the match point ahead but Li quickly caught up and tied in 10-10. Ding Ning got the first round in 12-10.

Once again, lots of action is happening over the table during the second round. Li Xiaoxia led in 6-4. Li had the chance to win the round when she reached the match point in 10-7, but such chance narrowed after Ding overtook her in 11-11, then eventually closing the round in 13-11.

In the third round, Li Xiaoxia missed the first three points, and offered them to Ding Ning in 3-0. Li Xiaoxia still hasn’t found her rhythm and still having problems with her offense. Ding Ning, on the other hand, was just in control and led in 10-6. After the lead, Li narrowed her deficit to 9-10 but it just came late after Ding took another round victory in 11-9.

Li Xiaoxia came so much better in the fourth round after lagging behind in 0-3. The top seed led to 7-3. Ding didn’t want to give any chances to Li and immediately narrowed the gap to 5-7, then finally closing the deficit in 7-7. After the tie, Li earned three straight points and finally earning her first victory in 11-8.

Ding Ning came back into the game with a lot of power after her first defeat in the match and led in 5-2 at the start of the fifth round. Ding increased her lead to 8-4 but Li was still so much in the match and narrowed the gap to 8-8. Just as Ding Ning thought of sealing her victory, Li posted a superb performance and forced another round in the match in another 11-8.

Li Xiaxoxia gained so much momentum and confidence after her superb recovery in 2-3. Li led in 6-1 at the start of the sixth round but Ding immediately narrowed her deficit in 4-6, then completely closing the deficit to 6-6. After the tie, Ding gained back her momentum and overcame the top seed in 11-7.    

Photo source: dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-ding-ning-chn--image14505785

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