2011 Wttc: Guo Yue / Li Xiaoxia Defended The Women’S Doubles Title

2011 WTTC: Guo Yue / Li Xiaoxia defended the women’s doubles title
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The women’s doubles finals took place today, May 15, 2011 at the Ahoy Arena. China, like the other events in the tournament, ruled the women’s doubles. In the finals Guo Yue / Li Xiaoxia fought against Ding Ning, the new world’s women’s singles champion, together with Guo Yan.

Guo Yue / Li Xiaoxia 4-0 Ding Ning / Guo Yan

Guo Yue / Li Xiaoxia took the first round in 11-8. Consecutively, they took excellent control over the table in the second round and led to 8-1. Ding / Guo managed to score four more points before Guo / Li sealed their second victory in the match with 11-5.

After defeat in the previous rounds, Ding / Guo found their rhythm and had better control over the table in 5-2. However, Guo / Li earned four consecutive points which led them in 6-5. This time, Ding / Guo first reached match point in 10-8 but lost the chance after Guo / Li tied in 10-10. The two pairs, once again tied in 11-11. After three match points, Guo / Li posted their third win with a 13-11.

In the fourth round, Guo Yue and Li Xiaoxia showed an excellent performance and a superb degree of stability. At the end, they did not allow the other pair to even score one round. They completed their four straight wins with an 11-8.

In the women’s singles final match, Li Xiaoxia suffered a frustrating defeat in 1-4 against Ding Ning. But that was not the case in this match. Li Xiaoxia, together with Guo Yue crushed Ding Ning / Guo Yan.

Photo source: zimbio.com

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