Wang Hao Beat Ma Long And He's The First 2011 Wttc Finalist

Wang Hao beat Ma Long and he's the first 2011 WTTC finalist
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The first semifinal match for today was between Chinese Wang Hao and Ma Long who occupied the world’s top spot for quite some time before. Ma Long, currently in the fifth spot, was impressive and nailed two straight rounds which threatened the world’s number one Wang Hao. However, the latter showed more stability and had a fantastic recovery towards the end of the match.

Wang Hao 4-2 Ma Long 

Ma Long started the match surprisingly behind from Wang Hao who nailed the first four points in the first round. Wang Hao first gained momentum and dominated the round in 7-1. Ma Long, on the other hand, started to work some attacks and narrowed the gap to 5-7. However, Wang didn’t take any chances and ended the round with an 11-7. 

After defeat in the previous round, Ma Long made a wonderful come back in the second round with a 4-2 lead, but Wang immediately followed and tied in 4-4. Ma Long appeared promising throughout the round but lost his chance to have an easy win after Wang Hao leveled in 9-9. However, Ma Long stood strong and successfully leveled in 1-1 with a close 11-9 score.

Ma Long gained a lot of confidence in the third round and had a pretty solid lead with 7-3. Wang Hao caught up in 7-9 but came late after Ma scored 2-1 with an impressive 11-9. In the fourth round, Wang Hao and Ma Long fought very closely and tied in 5-5, then in 8-8. Wang Hao showed an impressive degree of stability and tied in 10-10, and eventually leveling the scores in 2-2 with a 12-10.

After leveling in 2-2, Wang Hao took the initiative and posted a 3-1 lead with an 11-7 score. In the sixth round, Wang Hao sealed the match with a close 11-9.

Wang Hao will now advance to the finals in the men’s singles later today.

Photo source: zimbio.com

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