2011 Wttc: Schedule Of The Chinese Guoping For May 11, 2011

2011 WTTC: Schedule of the Chinese Guoping for May 11, 2011
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The 51st world table tennis championship is now on its fourth day and the excitement is getting higher as the major players around the world can bee seen in full action. Catch the schedule of the Chinese players for May 11 in the men’s and women’s singles and doubles, and mixed doubles.

For the men’s singles, Zhang Jike and Ma Lin both faced their opponents with considerable strength. Particularly, for Ma Lin who will be facing the Japanese teenager Koki Niwa. The 16 year old Japanese has the potential to be a dark horse and is also comparable to Kenta Matsudaira. On the other hand, veterans Guo Yan and chopper Fan Ying will be testing their European opponents.

16:00 (Beijing Time) Mixed Doubles Round of 16

16:00    Hao Shuai/Mu Zi (CHN) vs Chuang Chih Yuan/Cheng I Ching (TPE)
16:00    Yan An/Feng YaLAN (CHN) vs Seo Hyun Deok/Seok Ha Jung (KOR)
16:00    Zhang Chao/Cao Zhen (CHN) vs Wang Yuegu/Yu Mengyu (SNG)

16:45 (Beijing Time) Men’s Singles Round of 64

16:45    Wang Hao (CHN) vs Andrej Gacina (HRV)
19:00    Ma Long (CHN) vs Bojan Tokic (SVN)
19:00    Ma Lin (CHN) vs Koki Niwa (JPN)
20:30    Zhang Jike (CHN) vs Ri Chol Guk (PRK)
20:30    Wang Liqin (CHN) vs Ruwen Filus (GER)
20:30    Xu Xin (CHN) vs Gustavo Tsuboi (BRA)
22:00    Chen Qi (CHN) vs Michal Bardon (SVK)

17:30 (Beijing Time) Women’s Singles Round of 64

17:30    Li Xiaoxia (CHN) vs Petra Lovas (HUN)
18:15    Wu Yang (CHN) vs Zhenqi Barthel (GER)
18:15    Fan Ying (CHN) vs Ruta Paskauskiene (LTU)
18:15    Guo Yue (CHN) vs Ri Mi Gyong (PRK)
19:45    Ding ning (CHN) vs Zhu Fang (ESP)
21:15    Liu Shiwen (CHN) vs Matgaryta Pesotska (UKR)
21:15     Guo Yan (CHN) vs Elizabeta Samara (ROU)

02:30 (May 12, Beijing Time) Men’s Doubles Round of 16

02:30    Ma Long/Xu Xin (CHN) vs Ko Lai Chak/Leung Chu Yan (HKG)
03:15    Chen Qi/Ma Lin (CHN) vs Gao Ning/Yang Zi (SNG)
03:15    Wang Hao/Zhang Jike (CHN) vs Par Gerell/Jens Lundqvist (SWE) 

Photo source: flickr.com/photos/cebadalonatt/3296317000/

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