Timo Boll Beat Chen Qi And Arrives At 2011 Wttc Semifinals!

Timo Boll beat Chen Qi and arrives at 2011 WTTC semifinals!
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The last match for the quarterfinals match of the men’s singles was certainly not the least. The top European player and currently ranked second in the world, Timo Boll will face Chen Qi of China. Considering the past records, Chen Qi has a better advantage however, if talking about pressure from the crowd, then Timo Boll has it. In the match, Timo did not just rely from the crowd’s support but with his superb talent.

Timo Boll (GER) 4-1 Chen Qi (CHN)

Timo Boll started the match very impressive in the first round leading in 5-3. Boll had excellent control over the table and earned five straight points leading him to 10-3. Chen Qi managed to score two more points before the German ended the round in 11-5.

Chen Qi came back in the second round stronger than the first round and nailed the first four points in 4-0. Chen Qi, this time returned the favor and increased his lead to 7-0. Boll managed to earn his first point before Chen maintained his lead to 8-1. Chen reversed his fate from the previous round and posted 11-5.

After the tie in 1-1, both players warmed up already and fought fiercely in 2-2. Boll moved two points away from Chen in 4-2, then 5-3. Timo Boll, this time, gained momentum and took a decent lead in 9-4. Chen Qi immediately narrowed his deficit to three points in 6-9 but Boll took the lead in 2-1 with an 11-6 score.

Boll maintained his momentum and used his confidence to his advantage. The German scored 4-2 in the fourth round. Chen Qi is catching up but Boll was just superior, always points ahead in the score board 8-5, and eventually won the fourth round in 11-7. Boll took the fifth round in 11-3.

Boll will advance to the semifinals against Zhang Jike for the men’s singles.

Photo source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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