2011 Wttc: Timo Boll’S Journey For The Men’S Singles Has Ended

2011 WTTC: Timo Boll’s journey for the men’s singles has ended
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The second semifinal match was between Zhang Jike, world’s third and Timo Boll, world’s second. The atmosphere during the match felt like the finals already with all the audience cheering for Boll and Zhang. Timo Boll started the round very impressive but the Chinese Zhang Jike was in his best form and showed an excellent performance.

Zhang Jike (CHN) 4-1 Timo Boll (GER)

The two players started the match with so much action. Zhang and Boll fought very closely and tied in 4-4 at the start of the first round. Timo advanced further and posted a lead of 8-5. Boll played extremely fantastic and nailed the first game with an 11-7 score.

Zhang Jike had his momentum at the start of the second round and led in 4-1. He maintained his lead and reached 7-4. Boll, on the other hand was closely following from behind in 5-7. Unlike in the previous round, Zhang now gained his confidence and had his first solid lead of 10-5. Eventually, he successfully leveled in 1-1 with an impressive 11-5.

The Chinese player found his rhythm and was already controlling the game, leading in 5-2 at the start of the third round. Zhang continued to play very well and increased his lead to 8-3. At this point, Boll already felt threatened and encountered some errors. Undoubtedly, Zhang Jike owned the third round and nailed a fantastic and easy 11-3 victory.

Zhang, once again, posted an absolutely fantastic performance in the fourth round and dominated the score board. Boll, same as the third round, scored 3 against the 11 of Zhang Jike.

Boll came back in the fifth round with the intention of a vengeance and nailed the first four points. However, Zhang Jike didn’t allow the German to enjoy the lead and immediately closed the deficit to 4-4. After the tie, Zhang first took the initiative to advance further and led in 8-5. Boll, on the other hand still made his presence felt and narrowed the gap in 9-9. After the tie, Zhang Jike reached match point first and eventually taking his place in the finals against Wang Hao with a close 11-9 victory.    

Photo source: english.cri.cn/6909/2009/01/11/1461s442568_3.htm

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