Chinese Team Not Staying In Rotterdam?

Chinese Team not staying in Rotterdam?
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It was reported that the whole Chinese delegation would not be staying in any of the hotels in Rotterdam. As to why, the Chinese team wants to be close to home as possible – eat the usual cuisines back in China and meet people who can speak their native language. Hence, the whole team is staying at the China Hotel in Delft, a city between Rotterdam and Hague.

After their adaptive training in the Werner Schlager Academy in Vienna, the whole team flew to Amsterdam and settled for this year’s world championship individual events. For the whole duration of the competition, the team will have to travel rather longer than the other teams just to reach the venue.

Nuping coach Shi Zhihao said: “Not only the rooms are more spacious than the average size in any hotels in Europe, we can also eat authentic Chinese cuisine. We can easily adapt with the accommodation.” The Chinese team travels forty minutes from their hotel to the Ahoy Arena on a shuttle bus.

Incidentally, the Singaporean team is also staying in the same hotel as the Chinese team. However, since there is no shuttle bus available for the team, the Singaporeans will have to endure some difficulties by taking public transport to the venue. They even have to take the subway. Since they are all unfamiliar with the place, getting lost is inevitable which unfortunately, already happened to the team.

On the other hand, the venue of this year’s championship is in Europe, however, the title sponsor is a Chinese automobile company, the Guangzhou Automobile Group. In the Amsterdam airport, posters of the WTTC with Chinese characters are all over the place, which still indicate the great amount of influence from the Chinese in the field of table tennis.

Photo source: chinahotelholland.com/photogallery

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