Liu Guoliang’S Wttc Summary

Liu Guoliang’s WTTC summary
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In connection to China’s sweep in the recent world championships in Rotterdam, Liu Guoliang said that Jike is the most satisfying. In his first trip to the championship, he immediately reached the highest podium. On the other hand, Liu Guoliang still saw the potential of Boll and affirmed Wang Hao’s performance in the competition. Furthermore, Liu Guoliang was moved by the dedication of the two veterans Wang Liqin and Ma Lin have shown in the championship.

China, once again disappointed Cai Zhenhua on his request for the Guoping not to sweep all the medals. It’s true that China didn’t sweep all the medals but they bagged all the gold and silver ones leaving some bronzes to foreigners like Timo Boll who got the bronze in Rotterdam for the men’s singles.

The German Boll is the top opponent of the Chinese men’s team and because of that, Liu Guoliang suffered sleepless nights while Boll was still in the race. It’s a mortal sin for any Chinese player to lose against foreigners that is why Liu Guoliang wanted to eradicate the ultimate foreign threat to them as soon as possible. To add more tension to Liu Guoliang, Boll had a home court advantage since Rotterdam is just near Germany and is a European country. With all the cheers from the audience, Liu Guoliang thought that it would be very difficult to deal with him.

Zhang Jike successfully overcame Timo Boll but the relief came too late for Liu Guoliang to have at least one good night sleep in Rotterdam.

After the semi finals, Liu Guoliang said: “I am most satisfied with Zhang Jike. He already reached the finals in his first trip. Especially against Boll, his win is very much important for the next few years.”

In the semi final encounter between Ma Long and Wang Hao, Liu Guoliang also affirmed Wang Hao’s performance. “Towards foreign players, Wang Hao has a greater advantage which is reassuring. Wang Hao did not only win over foreign battles but also in “civil wars” where he stopped Ma Long. If Ma Long came up to the finals, Ma Long versus Zhang Jike would be a great play… I will also be very satisfied with Ma Long. But that didn’t happen. Ma Long played out of level leaving regret.”

After the finals, Liu Guoliang finally expressed his praises over the prodigal son, Zhang Jike: “Winning after several attempts is normal but to win on a first trip, it will certainly leave a shadow to the opponents.”

The 27 year old Wang Hao, 23 year old Zhang Jike along with 22 year old Ma Long and Timo Boll are hailed as the top four strongest male players in singles.

On the other side, the fighting spirits of the soon to be 33 year old Wang Liqin and the 31 year old Ma Lin moved Liu Guoliang. “They fought desperately, and such spirit is worthy of respect. Their contribution is very great. As their time has not passed, they need to rely on results. The peaks of their careers are definitely gone. It cannot be stopped.”

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