Liu Shiwen’S Career In A Nutshell

Liu Shiwen’s career in a nutshell
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The 2011 GAC world championship in Rotterdam will be the third time for Liu Shiwen to participate in the women’s singles. Two years ago in Yokohama, Liu Shiwen became a highlight in the women’s singles event after reaching the semi finals. In a span of two years, Liu Shiwen experienced victory and losses.

The 2007 world championship in Croatia was Liu Shiwen’s first trip. At that time, due to young age and lack of experience, Liu Shiwen failed to qualify in the women’s singles event and only participated in the women’s doubles. Result, Liu Shiwen, together with Li Nan reached the quarterfinals. However they failed to further advance into the semifinals after losing against Wang Nan and Zhang Yining in 2-4. Although failed in the competition, Liu Shiwen’s performance wasn’t put into waste since she was able to grab that precious opportunity to play in such big event.

Two years later, Liu Shiwen finally had her shinning moment. She first reached the top 8 in the women’s singles after crushing Guo Yan in 4-0. In the quarterfinals, she managed to double her efforts and took one step closer to the championship after she defeated Iveta Vacenovska in 4-1. In the semifinals, Liu Shiwen met Zhang Yining for the second time. However, the more experienced Zhang Yining didn’t allow Liu Shiwen to win the title. Despite defeat, Liu Shiwen still earned a promotion to be called the “terminator.”

On the other hand, Liu Shiwen, together with Cao Zhen, once again, missed the medals for the women’s doubles after losing in the quarterfinals against their compatriots Ding Ning and Guo Yan by 4-1.

In the Yokohama world championship, Liu Shiwen managed to post a great amount of improvement in her strength and experience. Her progress in the formation of the National Team was perceived to be a threat for her compatriots Guo Yue and Li Xiaoxia since the veterans Wang Nan and Zhang Yining are expected to retire in the near future.

In the women’s World Cup in year 2009, Liu Shiwen defeated Guo Yue in the finals in a close 4-3 score.

The year 2010 was unforgettable for Liu Shiwen which left some bitter memories for her. After her success in 2009, Liu Shiwen failed to continue her progress in the sport after their loss against the Singaporeans. Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen were defeated by Feng Tianwei and Wang Yuegu in the first two rounds, while Guo Yan did put up their hopes after winning against Sun Beibei. In the fourth match, Liu Shiwen failed against Feng Tianwei in a very close fight of 2-3, and eventually gave the Singaporeans the gold medal.

Their young age did pay a high cost for the Chinese Nuping. Liu Shiwen after losing the last two points to Feng Tianwei in Moscow clearly was devastated and has clearly affected her confidence. Although, the Chinese Nuping defeated the Singaporeans in the women’s world cup, their redemption still haven’t regained her confidence.

In the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese Nuping overcame, once again the Singaporeans but was challenged by the Koreans. Despite the victory of the Chinese team, Liu Shiwen still failed to make her presence felt in the finals.

Liu Shiwen had a slight comeback this year after she managed to win the women’s singles title against her compatriot Ding Ning in 4-2. This year also, she also got qualified to play in the upcoming WTTC in Rotterdam for the women’s singles event.

In the latest rankings, Liu Shiwen got the fifth place. For the London Olympics next year, this upcoming WTTC might be her last chance to ditch the Olympic qualifications. This time, Liu Shiwen will only play for the singles event which will be beneficial for her since her energy will not be divided.

On the other hand, this world championship will also be a great opportunity for Liu Shiwen to prove her skills. After her share of defeat and victory, Liu Shiwen is now matured and is expected to show a great amount of improvement both in her skills and stability.        

Photo source: news.xinhuanet.com/english/2009-06/07/content_11503854.htm

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