Top Contenders In The Women’S Singles Event For The 2011 Wttc

Top contenders in the women’s singles event for the 2011 WTTC
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In last year’s world championship, Feng Tianwei defeated Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen which led to Singapore’s victory in the women’s singles title and led to her overnight fame. The Chinese Nuping, on the other hand, felt depressed and is expected to redeem them selves in the upcoming WTTC.

Despite last year’s achievement, Feng Tianwei’s condition is currently on the low and slipped from the second to the sixth spot in the world. However, Singapore’s coach Wang Chun confirmed the restoration of the state of Feng Tianwei which makes it difficult to predict how she would perform in the championships. In addition, other Singaporeans Wang Yuegu and Li Jiawei are also set to perform in the upcoming WTTC. Singapore’s strength lies in the fact that their players are all Chinese and they have worked really hard in the Chinese Super League before.

The Japanese women’s team has a very good momentum. These three players Ai Fukuhara, Kasumi Ishikawa, and Sayaka Hirano all have considerable strength. The highest Japanese in the world is the “porcelain doll,” Ai Fukuhara who happened to be popular due to her considerable strength and beauty. However, she failed to win any medals in any international open. In the recent Volkswagen Cup, Ai Fukuhara finished third after losing against Li Xiaoxia of China. 

In addition to the Singaporean and Japanese teams, the Koreans are also expected to contribute to the headache of the Chinese Nuping. In this year’s competition, Kim Kyung Ah and Park Mi Young are expected to have a good fight. Kim Kyung Ah has won the bronze medal last 2004 Olympic Games and has a very stable condition. Another Korean player, Seok Ha Jung is also a player to watch out for. Recently, she had a very impressive performance in the Asian Games where she overcame Liu Shiwen and Li Xiaoxia in the Dubai World Cup. This makes the Korean hot stars in the competition.   

The Hong Kong delegates are also considered to be a strong threat against the Chinese players, and for many years, their veterans Tie Yana and Jiang Huajun, who are considered to be tough opponents, will also be present in the WTTC.

But anyway, the current Chinese team still consists with their experienced players, which still makes them the strongest contender in the championship. Last year, the Chinese Nuping failed in their journey to the title which was caused by an unstable state of the younger players. After a year of experience, the team has improved so much in terms of stability and skill. So, this upcoming WTTC in Rotterdam, the Nuping surely has the determination to win in order to redeem themselves. If you can overcome yourself, what else can be the fear of the enemy?

Photo source: flickr.com/photos/ssc-sportsphotography/5178396267/in/photostream/

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