Ding Ning Retired?

Ding Ning Retired?
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The new world women’s champion Ding Ning also had a short hiatus in table tennis competitions. She was absent in the recently concluded China Open and the China Versus World Challenge in Shanghai which was reported Ding Ning to defend her team. However, Ding Ning’s presence was only felt in the sidelines of the court and not in the real arena. In the latest round of the Super League, the Beijing Club posted their first ever victory this season. After the match, the Beijing’s top player smilingly cleared her name from any controversies about her absence. She explained that she was badly hurt before the competition and there was an honest mistake by the ITTF.

After the world championship in Rotterdam, Ding Ning, like most of the Chinese main players, went directly to their respective clubs for the new season of the Chinese Super League. After the fifth round of the competition, the Super League had a temporary recess to give way for three successive competitions. Ding Ning was reported to participate in the China Versus World Challenge but she was just sitting in the side courts during the match. 

“I was really injured last week. But the coaches were still hoping for my recovery for the competition. So I also cooperated with my treatment up to the last.” Ding Ning said “But there was a misunderstanding halfway through. ITTF thought I was retiring! Well in fact I was already training in Shanghai and I really didn’t know how such issue aroused.”

When the ITTF people saw Ding Ning training in Shanghai, they asked “Didn’t you retire?” Ding Ning replied in surprise “Huh?”

When she recalled the scene, Ding Ning regret to say: “There were indeed some misunderstandings.” She explained that all those time, she was just training. It’s just that her coach felt her injuries have not yet fully recovered. So she can’t still play in the competition. 

In the China versus World competition, Singaporean Feng Tianwei once again proved her great threat to the Chinese Nuping. After the game, Chinese Nuping’s head coach Shi Zhihao responded in an interview. “Who said that Chinese team didn’t have rivals?”

Within the Nuping, Ding Ning is one of the players who have a relative advantage over Feng Tianwei. Particularly in the latest world championships, Ding Ning was able to overcome the challenge and eventually reigned supreme in the women’s singles.

According to Shi Zhihao’s argument, “World fought China” but it is only a commercial competition. However, Ding Ning still felt pity “After all it was still an international competition.”

Tabletennistas, what do you think about the misunderstanding? Do you think if Ding Ning was able to participate in the challenge, China would once again post a sweep victory?

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