Wen Jia Achieved First Pro Tour Championship In Shenzhen

Wen Jia achieved first Pro Tour championship in Shenzhen
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The 2011 China Open reached its final day yesterday in Shenzhen. On the same day, the Women’s Singles competition also reached its conclusion with the Chinese rising star Wen Jia stood the strongest. She defeated Singapore’s top player Feng Tianwei in six rounds in the finals, achieving her first ever International Open title in her career. After the match, she can’t hide her happiness in her smiles during the interview. She acknowledged the help of Shi Zhihao, the fans, and of course her parents.

In the competition, Wen Jia has been showing excellent condition. Starting in the qualifying stages, the Chinese player went through every round with impressive results. In the semifinals she defeated the top seeded and compatriot Guo Yue. After the start of the final match, Wen Jia and Feng Tianwei fought neck to neck reaching 2-2 after the fourth round. In the fifth round, Wen Jia gained momentum and managed to nail the next two rounds, leading to victory.

After the match, Wen Jia acknowledged Shi Zhihao’s advice to be very effective. “Before the match, Shi Zhihao told me that I will just need to take the final match just like in Super League. With that, I will definitely have no problems.”

After getting her first ever International Open title, Wen Jia naturally was in a very good mood, smiling to the reporters during interview. “Today my mental condition is in a better state, winning two consecutive matches.”

“After my lost in the fourth round, I trusted the result to my luck. In the fifth round, I told myself I cannot be conservative. On the other hand, Feng Tianwei’s forehand was also weaker. Finally, I was able to finish the match to my side and I want to thank the fans who continuously cheered for me during the match,” Wen Jia added.

Yesterday was Father’s Day and Wen Jia wished before the match to perform well for his father. Later in the day, her wish became reality. When asked how her father normally gives support to her career, Wen Jia smiled in reply, “I have a good relationship with my parents. But actually both of them are less likely to play table tennis but they are still very supportive with my career.”

With the recent achievements of Wen Jia in this season’s Super League and the 2011 China Open, this girl would definitely be a new player to watch out for. She might just be the new addition to Chinese Nuping’s main players. And with her condition, Wen Jia will greatly contribute to the faltering performance of Chinese Nuping.

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