2011 Japan Open: Women's Singles Semifinal Round Results

2011 Japan Open: Women's Singles Semifinal Round Results
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The first event for the last day of the 2011 Japan Open on Kobe is the Women’s Singles semifinal round. The top seeds remained unbeaten until the second to the last hurdle of the competition. However, after the match, two of them bid farewell. In the all Singaporean match of Feng Tianwei and Wang Yuegu, the higher ranked advanced into the finals while Yuegu settled as semifinalist. In the second match between the Japanese Ai Fukuhara and Kasumi Ishikawa, the former showed excellent control over the match. Fukuhara posted an impressive sweep victory and successfully earned her spot in the finals in the Women’s Singles.

The semifinal round is the battle of the top seeds. Singaporeans Feng Tianwei and Wang Yuegu competed against each other for the finals while Ai Fukuhara and Kasumi Ishikawa battled for the chance in the last hurdle of the competition. In the finals, it will be Singapore versus the host.

Feng Tianwei (SIN) vs Wang Yuegu (SIN)

The top seed Feng Tianwei had a slow entry into the match and was behind in 1-6. Wang Yuegu on the other hand, quickly gained control over the table and scored 7-1. After Wang Yuegu reached her ninth point, Tianwei narrowed the lead in 5-9. Eventually, Wang Yuegu nailed the first round with 11-6. This is the second successful game of Wang Yuegu against Feng Tianwei in her entire career.

In the second set, the higher seed played better and nailed a 6-2 lead. Throughout the match, Feng Tianwei found her rhythm and posted a commanding score of 11-3, leveling in 1-1. After the fabulous round for Feng Tianwei, she continued to dominate the game into the third set with 5-0. She earned her second round with 11-5. 

Wang Yuegu returned into the match better than the previous games. She was able to keep up with Tianwei in 5-5 in the fourth set. However, Feng Tianwei scored four consecutive points leading to match point after. Wang Yuegu managed to save two more points before Feng Tianwei ended the set with 11-7.

In the fifth round, Wang Yuegu managed to play very impressive and showed good blocks against Tianwei. It earned her a 7-4 lead. However, Feng Tianwei quickly leveled in 7-7 and eventually went straight to the final round with 11-7.  

Ai Fukuhara (JPN) vs Kasumi Ishikawa (JPN)

The two girls started their match with comparable degree of performance. They tied in 4-4 at the start of the first round. However, it was Ishikawa who first reached match point advantage with 10-6. Fukuhara posted a wonderful recovery and saved four more points, leveling in 10-10, then in 11-11. After the tie, Ai Fukuhara overtook in 13-11.

After an unbelievable come back of Fukuhara, she managed to carry out her success and led in 7-2 in the second round. Ishikawa tried to narrow her deficit in 6-8. This time, it was Kasumi who posted a come back and tied in 8-8. After the tie, Ishikawa scored one more point before Ai earned the second round with 11-9. Kasumi started the third set with a 2-6 deficit. This time, Fukuhara displayed excellent control over the table and increased her lead to 8-2. Ishikawa managed to narrow the gap in 7-8, then 9-10 then finally leveling in 10-10. After four more match points, Ai Fukuhara nailed her third straight round with 16-14.

Ai Fukuhara finished the match with 11-6. She successfully sealed her place in the finals against Feng Tianwei in the Women’s Singles later this day.

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