Ding Ning Survived Wang Yuegu In The Ws Semifinals In The Austrian Open

Ding Ning survived Wang Yuegu in the WS Semifinals in the Austrian Open
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The second semifinal match for the Women Singles was between the second seed Ding Ning of China against Wang Yuegu of Singapore. In the match, Singaporean player Wang Yuegu demonstrated an outstanding performance against the new world champion. In several occasions, Wang Yuegu actually established good advantages and used such opportunities wisely. However, the second seed Ding Ning was not an easy player to beat. Despite efforts from Wang Yuegu, Ding Ning managed to look for her opportunities and eventually survived the challenge. Ding Ning sealed her place in the finals after six sets. 

Wang Yuegu SIN versus Ding Ning CHN

The new world champion Ding Ning ushered the match with an impresive control as she nailed a commanding 7-2 lead. In the first set, Wang Yuegu obviously had a difficult time against Ding Ning as she was behind in 4-11.

After a good performance from Ding Ning, Wang Yuegu posted an excellent start as she led in a confident 6-1. Eventually, the Singaporean maintained her momentum and established her lead further to 9-3. At this point, Wang Yuegu enjoyed a 10-4 advantage. Ding Ning earned two more points before Wang Yuegu leveled in 1-1 with 11-6.

After an outstanding performance in the second round, Wang Yuegu managed to maintain her advantage as she was having the momentum in 8-4. However, as Ding Ning showed signs of recovery in 7-8, Wang Yuegu called for a timeout. However, as the game resumed, Ding Ning finally closed the gap in 8-8. At this point, momentum clearly transferred to the Chinese camp and Ding Ning eventually recovered successfully in 11-8.

After Ding Ning's wonderful recovery in the previous round, she maintained momentum and led in 4-1 for the fourth set. However, Wang Yuegu was still very much into the match as she managed to level in 5-5 and eventually overtook in 7-5. As the Singaporean started to show some control, Ding Ning once again broke into the confidence of her opponent and led to 10-7, then 11-7, scoring 3-1.

In the fifth set, Wang Yuegu gained back her magic and nailed a commanding 8-1 lead in a very critical point in the match. After reaching the eighth point, Ding Ning showed signs of recovery as she scored three straight points. However, Wang Yuegu was still very determined to stay in the game and scored 11-4.

In the sixth set, Ding Ning returned the favor and was in no mood to a further challenge. Ding Ning opened the set with a 6-1 lead. Towards the end, Ding Ning still had the advantage in 10-3. Wang Yuegu managed to save two more points before Ding Ning survived the challenge in 11-5.

Ding Ning defeated Wang Yuegu in 4-2, sealing her place in the finals of the Women Singles. As for the final hurdle, it will be an all China match which means that China once again swept all the championship titles in the tournament. 

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