Timo Boll Will Stay With Borussia Dusseldorf Until 2014

Timo Boll will stay with Borussia Dusseldorf until 2014
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The German star Timo Boll just extended his contract with the "Table Tennis Barcelona" Borussia Dusseldorf -with whom he has already reached the "triple" two times- until 2014. Check details.

The official website of the Tischtennis Bundesliga just announced that world #2 Timo Boll has renewed his contract with the Borussia Dusseldorf team until 2014.

Timo has said that he feels perfectly fine in the Dusseldorf squad and therefore he has not carried serious conversations with other clubs, although it was known that Sergei Ivanov, President of Orenburg, offered him a contract after the end of ECL's last season.

Nevertheless, Timo left for China where he was key on Zhejiang's success while he played with them, success that left his team on the finals of the Chinese Super League against Xu Xin's Bazhou, a match that's scheduled to be played on its first leg Sunday September 4th. After that participation, Timo simply went back to Germany to resume the contract with his German team.

With Timo's renew the Dusseldorf team witheld his biggest asset and team leader, and therefore they are again a serious candidate to win the German Cup, DTTL and ECL, all of them simultaneously for a third time in a row.

Photo source: Official Borussia Dusseldorf Facebook Fan Page

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