Timo Boll Worries About His Doping Result

Timo Boll worries about his doping result
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Timo Boll's team Borussia Dusseldorf posted an impressive performance in the opening rounds of the ECL and DTTL respectively. Despite victory, the German superstar is now worrying for the results of the doping test. It was reported before that Boll has been very cautious with his food intake in China to avoid the clenbuterol substance which is apparently allowed there.

As reported by, Boll's very nervous about his doping result

Despite the successful debut of Borussia Dusseldorf at the ECL and DTTL, Boll is still worried not about his performance but his doping result. German Federation, as many others, requires its players to undergo a doping test. Before travelling to China, the number 3 of the WR took precautions to avoid the doping problem with clenbuterol that his teammate, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, had after the China Open last year. Boll underwent a doping test to show that he was clenbuterol-free before leaving Germany.

Clenbuterol is a substance used mainly in animals but also to treat asthma and lose weight in humans and improve athletes’ performance illegally. This substance is forbidden in Europe and in the USA, and is also considered illegal by the IOC. However, clenbuterol is allowed in China, where Ovtcharov was contaminated through food and for that reason, the German Federation cancelled his suspension.

Boll said in an interview with German media that he likes Chinese vegetables very much but he is also a meat fan, so during his 2-months stay in China was impossible not to eat it. This is why he is worried about his doping test after he returned to Germany but he also mentioned that he didn’t eat meat during his last days in China.

Boll also told as an anecdote that the last time he got a haircut was before travelling China because if the doping test is positive for clenbuterol, his hair is the evidence that he doesn’t use it regularly.

As for his stay in China, Timo expressed that he played very well at the beginning and it was very important to train daily with players such as Ma Lin and Hao Shuai. However, he felt mentally and physically tired at the end. The Chinese club wanted him to play the final at all costs but it was impossible due to his contract.

He also talked about his agreement with Borussia Dusseldorf until 2014. He said that he finally won the longed-for single medal at a world championship but he has more goals and if he stays in Dusseldorf, he can achieve them.

He was also asked if the club will be able to defend its tittles at the DTTL and ECL without Christian Suss in the first rounds. He answered that they must try to play their best in the first phase of both leagues and then if all of them are fit, everything is possible.  

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