Xu Xin Is Not Out For The London Olympics

Xu Xin is not out for the London Olympics
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The final race for the 2011 Chinese Super League ended last Saturday in China. In the most critical match in the season, Xu Xin of Bazhou posted a winning streak against Zhejiang's Hao Shuai and Ma Lin, earning two points for his team. Unfortunately, Bazhou lacked the overall strength as a team. Eventually, they lost in 2-3 for the leg and 1-2 in the overall race for the championship. Despite failure, Xu Xin's performance throughout the season has been perfect and has led Bazhou to new and unexpected heights. Beacue of the upward trend, Xu Xin still has his chances in the London Olympics.

In the last leg of the championship race, Bazhou Hairun failed to seize their opportunity and lost the championship title this year. Despite defeat, this is already a very surprising achievement for the team. In addition, their star player Xu Xin has improved a lot in terms of maturity and skill.

Bazhou was the most surprising team in this season's Super League. In the previous season, Bazhou was actually struggling for relegation but this season, they reached the championship group for the very first time and almost got championship title. This year, their lineup hasn't change however there was a sharp contrast, Xu Xin contributed a lot for the team.

Xu Xin started to show some impressive moves in 2008 season but he was more into the doubles competition. In 2009, Xu Xin joined Shanghai team and was second in command. That year he posted 11 wins and 10 losses,placing him in the 14th place.

In 2010, Xu Xin transferred into Bazhou Hairun team and played the leading role for the very first time. In that season, he showed great improvement with 18 wins and 10 losses, jumping from 14th place to the fifth spot.     

This season, Xu Xin was on a whole new level. Xu Xin nailed the third spot in the rankings next to Zhang Jike and Ma Long with 25 wins and 9 losses. In these two years, Xu Xin successfully demonstrated an impresive transformation.

Also this season, Xu Xin posted three straight victories against Bayi's leader and the world's number one Wang Hao. This led to Bazhou's entry into the finals. Xu Xin's performance was actually comparable to Ma Long in 2009. During the final race for the championship, Xu Xin only lost to Ma Lin once in the second leg and he won the rest of the matches.

In the deciding leg, Xu Xin showed power aginst his compatriots in the Chinese National Team, Hao Shuai and Ma Lin,earning him two big points. Unfortunately, Bazhou lacked the overall strength as a team. Eventually, they lost in 2-3 for the leg and 1-2 in the overall race for the championship. Despite defeat, Bazhou still finished second in the final result which is already a very good achievement for the team. Thus, they are considered to be the dark horse this season.

Xu Xin's maturity and potential were clearly shown throughout this season. Quite unfortunately, Xu Xin missed successive opportunities in the Yokohama and Rotterdam championships. Despite great improvement, Xu Xin doesn't look optimistic for next year's London Olympics Singles qualification. In Yokohama, he lost to Chen Qi and in Rotterdam, he lost to Wang Liqin, failing to reach the quarterfinals.

However, it is worth noting that Xu Xin is one of the six main players in the Chinese National team and got the world championship for the men's doubles. Xu Xin's momentum continues to progress and his team status for the London Olympics cannot be easily ignored. After all, Xu Xin's capacity in the doubles is quite prominent and his performance against foreign players is relatively stable. In general, Xu Xin has great potential.

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