Zhang Jike: Ma Lin Is A Superman

Zhang Jike: Ma Lin is a Superman
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Zhang Jike considers Ma Lin to be the leader of the Chinese National Team. With strong determination and willpower, Ma Lin can produce miracles from the most devastating situations and that is something that the younger players should learn to practice. In addition, Zhang Jike also admitted that there is pressure with the presence of Ma Lin for the London Olympics. In general, Zhang Jike considers Ma Lin to be a superman in and out of the arena.

Few weeks ago, Ma Long, Xu Xin and Zhang Jike had an interview and gave their comments about Ma Lin. As for Zhang Jike, Ma Lin is their leader in the Chinese National Team as he continues to encourage the team to fight. In addition, Zhang Jike admitted that Ma Lin gives him pressure as well, particularly for the London Olympics. The follwing statements came from Zhang Jike himself.

Ma Lin is a very determined person. Actually, it can be seen in his sleeping habits. When our quarters were renovated, we lived on a temporary room with a bed with no sheets and quilt. I myself had a hard time sleping but Ma Lin was able to sleep there for six long months. His willpower is really strong despite challenges. In his matches, no matter how many points he is behind, he will certainly not give up.

That is one of Ma Lin's impressive characteristics - his ability to become impressive in the most difficult times. When we all feel that there is no hope, he can often work miracles. It makes Ma Lin's expreiences too rich.

Because of that, I think Ma Lin is now playing the role of our team leader. As the Olympic singles champion, Ma Lin was able to bring the morale of the team to new heights. As the star player of Zhejiang, Ma Lin is also doing a a great job in encouraging the rest of the team to continue fighting.

In addition to giving most of us the power to fight, he most frequently gives me pressure. The biggest pressure on me is the upcoming Olympic Games. Ma Lin's ability in the Olympics and big competitions is just threatening. Everytime I battle against him, I always feel twisted. Even though that there are times that I win, I still feel the same. I used to joke that playing against Ma lin is like playing against death.

Seeing Ma Lin recently, whether in the League or in Open matches, he is certainly giving his 100% effort. After all he does not want to lose any opportuntiy for the London Olympics. His fighting spirit is still very visible and that is something that we younger players should learn.

Whether in or out of the arena, I personally think Ma Lin is a superman. He has a lot of wisdom. He invests too much in every match and gave too much emphasis. This is something that I should learn. In addition, Ma Lin is also good in conversations and had an impressive memory.

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